The Top 100 Coolest Gifts You Can Buy Online That Will Blow Their Mind


hanging camping tent

#76 Hanging Camping Tentvisit product site

If you’re camping in an area where they are dangerous predators on the ground it may be safer to camp in a tree, literally. Hang above the ground so that bears, wolves, snakes, and whatever else is around cannot get you. It may just save your life.





assassins creed hoodie #77 Assassin’s Creed Hoodievisit product site

Whether or not you play the Assassin’s Creed game we can all agree that the clothing styles in the game are pretty awesome. Makes a great Halloween outfit, or if the neighborhood watch needs a uniform you can’t go wrong with this.








waterproof notepad #78 Waterproof Notepadvisit product site

We’ve all had shower ideas. A brilliant idea that pops into our mind while we’re in the shower and we swear we’re going to remember it later on… and then we get done with the shower and we forget it. Happens to us all. But it doesn’t have to…







convertible futon bed #79 Convertible Futon Bedvisit product site

It’s a sofa, no it’s a double bed, no… it’s both. This is a pretty cool (though pricey) transforming piece of furniture. Ideal if you have a nephew or niece that sleeps over once in a while but you don’t have the room for a guest bed.





glowing driveway #80 Glow in the Dark Pebblesvisit product site

Light up your life a little with some glow in the dark pebbles. What?! Yup, it looks pretty damn cool if you line them outside along your driveway, walkway, steps, patio, or whatever else you have going on. It’ll also help people from falling and breaking their neck if you have a tricky walkway.






iphone fans #81 iPhone Fan Attachmentvisit product site

Stay cool while using your iPhone. What can’t these smartphones do nowadays? This is a great small gift for someone who is always on their phone and lives in a warm location.






heat sensitive iphone backing#82 Heat Sensitive iPhone Backingvisit product site

Did your boyfriend just snoop in your phone while you were away for a few seconds? Easy way to tell now as the backling will have his finger marking on it for a short while. This is a cool tool to have when you want to make sure nobody is touching what isn’t theirs.










transparent pool table #83 Transparent Pool Tablevisit product site

If you have some extra money to spend and want something to be the centerpiece of a room here’s a very fashionable transparent pool table. Definitely no felt on this table but it will have your guests talking about it for quite some time.







14450 gumball machine #84 14,450 Gumball Machinevisit product site

Well if you know someone who loves gumballs you can get them a gift that will literally last them the rest of their lifetime. This thing is HUGE. If you own a shop and want to earn a couple bucks a day this might do the job… though it’ll take a little while before it pays for itself.









aquarium sink #85 Aquarium Sinkvisit product site

It seems like they turn everything into an aquarium nowadays. Not sure how practical this is, but it’s more about the ‘wow’ factor.








batman brake light cover #86 Batman Brake Light Covervisit product site

You can turn your car into the Batmobile. Not really, but you can add some Bat-style to your car at a relatively inexpensive price. Because the brake lights are the perfect spot to let everyone know who your favorite comic character is.








camera lense coffee mug #87 Camera Lens Coffee Mugvisit product site

If you know someone who is a photographer or into photography they will love this. It’s even got a place to hold your cookies in the camera lens cover.










jellyfish tank #88 Jellyfish Tankvisit product site

If you’re bored of goldfish you may want to consider moving up the ladder to the next level, jellyfish. Some jellyfish light up as they create electricity and if you can put those jellyfish in here then that would be a very cool addition to the home.








silk suit pajamas #89 Silk Suit Pajamasvisit product site

You’ve seen these before if you watch “How I Met Your Mother”. I picture CEOs going to bed every night wearing something like this. If you are used to having late night visitors wake you up, this would be a fashionable way to open the front door without having to change.









death star ice cube mold #90 Death Star Ice Cube Moldvisit product site

Ice cubes don’t have to be boring anymore. Star Wars fans now can have another gimmicky memorabilia item to buy. I actually think having round ice cubes is fun, and being in the shape of the Death Star makes it cool (while your drink will be cold).






all edges brownie pan #91 All Edges Brownie Panvisit product site

I hate the edge of the brownies, that hard crusty part. I prefer the soft middle and I get yelled at each time I cut it out. But some people love the edges and for those of you who are edge lovers here is the baking pan that you will need to use to enjoy every brownie in the batch.







underwater bus #92 Land/Water Motor Coachvisit product site

I’m not sure how often you’ll be driving a motor coach and need to drive through a shallow river or lake, but if you do then here is a six figure vehicle that I guess you would enjoy. I wonder if you could camp out in the middle of the lake with this thing.






portable grill #93 Portable Campfire Grillvisit product site

This is a practical tool for those who go camping. Everytime I go camping the grill covering at the campsite are old, filthy, and rusty. This is a neat way to cleanly cook your food. And it folds up so it barely takes any space when you’re packing.







floating swivel chair #94 Floating Swivel Chairvisit product site

This is a nice poolside piece of furniture that you can take a nap in. If there’s a breeze it will rock you back and forth. And then you just need one of those fruity drinks with an umbrella in it to complete the moment.







ferris wheel spice rack #95 Ferris Wheel Spice Rackvisit product site

If you’re a big cooker and like to use your spices this is a compact neat way to have them all handy and accessible without having to dig through them all. It also adds a fun factor so if you are trying to get the kids to help you with cooking this may entertain them for a bit.








inflatable floating island #96 Inflatable Floating Islandvisit product site

For those lazy days when you can just hang out in the middle of a lake with your five best friends. There’s even space for you to store your drinks and food. Not a bad way to spend a fun hours out in the sunshine.









iphone lighter case #97 iPhone Lighter Casevisit product site

The car companies have removed all the lighters from cars so now you need to carry out a pocket lighter or matches if you’re a smoker. Until now! This phone case is very convenient for smokers. It’s also a great conversation piece the next time someone asks to borrow your lighter and you pull out your iPhone instead.








electric motorcycle #98 Electric Motorcyclevisit product site

When I look at this motorcycle it has a retro feel to it. It also looks like a bug. If you’re not a Harley person but you want to ride around then this may be what you’ve been waiting for. You won’t have to worry about finding a gas station though if your juice runs out you will need to find an outlet to plug it into!






clip on heel lights #99 Clip on Heel Lightsvisit product site

Great practical idea for those of you who like to walk at night. Anything you can do to help drivers see you is a smart thing and these shoe clips are a cheap and easy way to help alert drivers that you are there walking. You should make your kids wear these if they ever have to walk home from a friend’s house at night.








follow me bring beer sandals #100 Follow Me Bring Beer Sandalsvisit product site

If you want to get a party started on the beach these sandals may help you accomplish your goal. They’ll also allow your friends to easily find you.







If you’re reading this you’ve made it through all 100 items which means you enjoyed seeing all this wacky and crazy things. What was the most mind blowing thing in the list? Or what would you put on your birthday wish list? Drop a comment below and let us know! And if you think your friends would enjoy feel free to share with them!

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