The Top 100 Coolest Gifts You Can Buy Online That Will Blow Their Mind

pumpkin coach bed #51 Fantasy Coach Bedvisit product site

If you got thousands to drop and you want to make your little girl feel like a princess here’s a bed that she will love. Just make sure the bed doesn’t roll away in the middle of the night.









leather iphone case #52 Leather iPhone Book Casevisit product site

This iPhone case looks like a leather book from the outside, and on the inside you can see it resembles a wallet to hold your phone, credit cards, license, cash, and whatever else you carry.









pin clock #53 Metal Pin Clockvisit product site

A unique clock for someone looking for something out of the norm on their nightstand. Also great if you a silver theme going on in a room.






color changing bath tiles #54 Color Changing Bath Tilesvisit product site

Shower tiles that change colors when hot water hits them, yeah, a couple glasses of wine and that would mesmerize me for the next hour or two. If you’re all about being unique and having something different then this is an option you may want to consider.










cat laser toy #55 Cat Laser Toyvisit product site

Cats can get bored of their little toys pretty quickly. But with this laser you will have your cat bouncing all over the room. Besides giving them something to do for the next hour it is a good source of exercise for your feline.







blacklight makeup #56 Blacklight Makeupvisit product site

When I see this it makes me think of Carnival (the huge annual party in Brazil, not Carnivale the series with two seasons that was on HBO years ago). There’s something freaky and cool about it at the same time.








checkers shot glass game #57 Checkers Shot Glass Gamevisit product site

If you needed some motivation to become a better checkers player here you go, unless you want to drink all the shots. There’s tons of drinking games you can play but not many of them are strategic so if you feel like exercising your brain as you kill your brain cells then here you go.










hangover patch #58 The Hangover Patchvisit product site

Everyone has their own hangover remedy. There’s eating eggs and having black coffee, or downing a huge container of Gatorade. But my personal favorite and most effective one is drinking two huge cups of water before going to bed. It works about 75% of the time for me, so for the other 25% of the time there’s the hangover patch. Reading through the reviews it seems like a mixed crowd. Some people are praising it and some say it does nothing.





pac man wall stickers #59 Pacman Wall Stickersvisit product site

If you want to be a ‘cool’ parent you need to do something fun for your kid’s bedroom walls. And what’s more fun than Pacman?








adjustable measuring cup #60 Adjustable Measuring Cupvisit product site

Raise your hand if you have about a thousand measuring cups in your kitchen draws. This little gadget eliminates the need for all of them in one fell swoop. Save some kitchen draw space and use this adjustable cup.







iphone movie projector #61 iPhone Movie Projectorvisit product site

Tons of us watch thing on our iPhone. There’s Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and probably tons more. The problem is that watching on such a small screen can strain your eyes and let’s be honest, it’s not as enjoyable as watching on a big screen tv. How do you get a big screen tv size with a small iPhone? With this iPhone movie projector. This is great for dorm rooms, vacations, or visiting that strange friend who doesn’t have a tv in their house.








usb rechargable batteries #62 USB Rechargable Batteriesvisit product site

You can charge your iPhone in your USB port so why not charge your batteries there too. This is a convenient way to have batteries on hand that are convenient to recharge when they’ve run out of juice. Why keep buying those packs of batteries that last a few months and then you throw them all out and have to rebuy them.




color changing pillow #63 Color Changing Pillowvisit product site

This pillow looks pretty trippy and while I’m not sure if I’d use it to sleep on I would probably stare it at for hours on end. . It might be a good gift for someone living in Colorado or Washington right about now too.








tire light valve caps #64 LED Light Tire Valve Capsvisit product site

Want to make your car stand out without having to break the bank for chrome rims, a stereo system that will crush your ear drums, or a spoiler that just sits there? This is an inexpensive way to had some style to your ride and make it stand out from everyone elses.






gear ring #65 Gear Ringvisit product site

This is a unique gift for someone who is (or planning to become) an engineer or a watchmaker. We rarely see gears as they are usually behind the scenes in things, but they are still pretty cool. This ring actually works and rotates.





self stirring mug #66 Self Stirring Mugvisit product site

Add coffee, check. Add cream, check. Add sugar, check. Add stirring stick, uh oh, wait, no stirring stick… what will we do? Panic starts to creep in, how will you mix your cream and sugar evenly throughout your coffee? No worries with this strange mug which stirs everything on its on. Don’t ask me how it works but as long as it works I’m a happy camper.






rainbow light shower head #67 LED Rainbow Light Shower Headvisit product site

Add a little color to your life in the shower with an LED rainbow light shower head. Again, this is something the people in Washington and Colorado will definitely love, but you know who else will love this? Kids. Make shower time fun for the little ones and you’ll have them wanting to get clean every night.









driver light display #68 LED Driver Lightvisit product site

Have you ever wanted to send a message to the person driving behind you? Maybe they keep beeping at you, or they let you merge in front of them. There are multiple different messages you can send through this LED driver light. You can see one of those messages here which will probably be the most used one of the bunch.





ben and jerrys ice cream lock #69 Ice Cream Lockvisit product site

Do you have an ice cream monster in the house? Have you stopped buying ice cream because you know you won’t even get a chance to eat it before someone else steals your delicious cold treat? This is a unique way to stop that ice cream monster and make sure you have your treat when you want it. While this gadget may cause someone else to cry, it will bring a smile to your tastebuds.









super mario chess #70 Super Mario Chess Gamevisit product site

Chess can be a complex game to learn but help your kids get interested in it with a Super Mario board. All the favorite characters from Mario are on the board so this is a good way for your kids to do something other than play video games while still having the video game characters around.




fundies couples underwear #71 Underwear for Twovisit product site

I think the picture says it all.










dual tank backpack drink dispenser #72 Dual Tank Backpack Drink Dispenservisit product site

Gin and tonic, rum and coke, black and blue, basically whatever drink you want that combines two different beverages can be made in your mouth with this funny looking contraption. Though you may not think it looks so funny when you’re the hit at the party.










huge gummy bear #73 World’s Largest Edible Gummy Bearvisit product site

Who does not love gummy bears? They are delicious and soft and chewy and tasty. This makes a great gift for the gummy bear lover and we’re all gummy bear lovers so it makes a great gift for everybody!










fingerprint gun safe #74 Fingerprint Gun Safevisit product site

If you’re going to keep a gun in the house it is critical that your kids cannot access it. This gun safe will do just that, and in case of a home invader it will take you literally a second to open the safe, no need for combinations. It may cost more than a regular safe but somethings are worth the additional expense and ensuring your family is safe is one of them.







clock for math nerds #75 Clock for Math Nerdsvisit product site

Need a gift for a mathematician or statistics person? Here’s a great gig that you would be giving them as a gag but they would absolutely love it.







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