The Top 100 Coolest Gifts You Can Buy Online That Will Blow Their Mind

electronic guitar shirt #26 Playable Electronic Guitar Shirtvisit product site

This is sure to catch people’s attention at the next party you go to… a shirt that you can play the guitar on. What!? Yup, you heard us right. So whether you are musically inclined or just want a reason for the girls to strum your chest this shirt may be right up your alley.







baby carrying jacket #27 Baby Carrying Coatvisit product site

For the multi-tasking moms out there. You can stay warm, while carrying your baby (hands free), and then use your hands to talk on the phone/open doors/warm up the baby formula/etc… You may question how safe and secure the product is, so did we, but it has a 4.5 star (out of 5) rating from people who have purchased it.









nose soap dispenser #28 Shower Soap Dispensing Nosevisit product site

A man walks into the shower and there’s a nose on the wall… nope, not a joke. This may be suited for a bachelor pad but it could also be a fun way to get the kids to use soap in the shower. I mean who wouldn’t have fun having a big soap dispensing nose on the shower wall, right?









flying hovercraft #29 Flying Hovercraftvisit product site

On the cool meter this thing is off the charts. It looks amazing, using it would be a blast, not sure what kind of license you’d need to drive it, but I’d sit through multiple all day driver’s ed classes to be able to get the behind the wheel of this guy.





giant swiss army knife #30 Giant Swiss Army Knifevisit product site

The normal Swiss army knife has 5 different pieces you can pull out and use. This one has 5 million! Ok, not that many, but seriously there is a ton of things you could do with this. Clip your nails, pick a lock, screw a bolt, open a bottle of beer, filet a fish, and 100 more things. If you know someone who loves being prepared this is the ultimate gift for them, though the price for this will probably shock you.




trip grip grocery bag holder #31 Trip Grip Grocery Bag Holdervisit product site

Some of us like to grab all the grocery bags at once so we only need to make a single trip, but if you’re one of these people you know that most of the time your fingers pay the price. This simple and cheap gadget helps save your fingers from turning purple and feeling like they are about to fall off. Definitely a practical investment for some.








gallium melting metal #32 Gallium Melting Metalvisit product site

If you want to get your kids into science then teaching them about the properties of gallium would be a fun lesson. If left by itself gallium retains a solid form, but place it in your hands and your body heat will turn it to liquid. Have that liquid pour into a container and watch it regain solid form. Also a great conversation piece when you have company over.






facebook like dislike stamps #33 Facebook Like Dislike Stampsvisit product site

Let people know when you Like or Dislike something in a fun way with these stamps. Fun for all will be had as you stamp paper, clothing, foreheads, and whatever else you come across. Maybe if you stamp Dislike on that ugly sweater that Grandma gives you every birthday she’ll get the picture.





superman batman glasses #34 Superman & Batman Caped Glassesvisit product site

One of the challenges parents face is getting their kids to drink healthy beverages instead of soda. Pouring the milk into a Superman cup may just be the trick to get your kids to change their drinking habits and set them on the path to being healthier.


flying car #35 Flying Carvisit product site

Anyone else thinking of ‘Back to the Future Part 2’ right about now? These flying cars are great if you have a daily drive in rush hour traffic. Simply fly over all the other cars and reduce your commute. This is definitely something I’d stamp the Like button on.




executive ballscratcher #36 Executive Ballscratchervisit product site

Struggling to find a unique gift for the boss who seems to have it all? Well you’re in luck then. The executive ballscratcher is the gift that keeps on giving 365 days out of the year. For all those times when you have an inch you just can’t reach.





spin the shot #37 Spin the Shotvisit product site

Want to turn a lame party into a drunken rager? This spinning shot glass is sure to liven up the party as the alcohol will start flowing. People seem to drink more when some sort of game is involved so this will help loosen people up in a fun setting.







question block lamp #38 Super Mario Lampvisit product site

Everyone loves jumping up and hitting the question mark box when they play Mario. Believe it or not you can now do it in real life in your own home. Hitting the light turns it on/off. No magic mushroom or coins will pop out of it but it’ll still be fun each time you use it.






beer cooler #39 Walk In Beer Coolervisit product site

Great gift for the beer fanatic. Also will help clear up some room in the fridge as he won’t need to take up 3 shelves for his brews. Sure it’s pricey but if you save a penny a day it’ll only take you hundreds of years to pay for it.






baby mustache pacifier #40 Baby Mustache Pacifiervisit product site

Who wouldn’t want to see a baby with a mustache? Great unique and inexpensive gag gift to give that will result in some hilarious picture taking.








knight hoodie #41 Knight Hoodievisit product site

Want to look like a knight without having to don the impractical and heavy armor? Don’t we all. This knight hoodie will keep you warm, is a great halloween costume, and also looks pretty badass. Now you just need a horse and a lance and you’re ready to joust.









transformers usb drive #42 Transformers USB Drivevisit product site

Transformers, more then meets the eye. This one unexpectedly turns from a panther into a USB drive. A great stocking stuffer for a Transformers fan and someone who loves black panthers… errrr…. maybe?







aquarium bed #43 Aquarium Bedvisit product site

I think you need to be a baller to have a bed like this because it is pretty freakin sweet but also pretty damn expensive. If you have trouble falling asleep at night at least you’d now have something amazing to look at. Not sure exactly how you’d clean the tank but worry about that another day.





electronics cleaning putty #44 Electronics Cleaning Puttyvisit product site

A practical item for the tech guy or tech gal in your life. This actually has many uses and according to the reviews it works pretty well. Use it to remove pet hair, dust, crumbs, etc… And at under $15 it could make a unique grab bag gift.






glow in the dark lip gloss #45 Glow in the Dark Lip Glossvisit product site

Does your man have trouble finding your lips when you’re in a dark room together? Are you afraid of getting lost in the woods in the dark and no one will see you? Always worried about cars hitting you as you walk at night? Problems solved with this glow in the dark lip gloss.








lightshow speakers #46 Lightshow Speakersvisit product site

These speakers put on a light show that will sync to the music you are playing. You can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the music and show.








windshield display gps #47 Windshield GPS Displayvisit product site

This is a clever gadget that can save lives. Lots of people take their eyes off the road to look at their GPS as they are driving. Having this display will put what’s on your GPS screen on your windshield so you can look at the traffic and look at the directions at the same time. Remember, in one second a life can be changed forever so always be safe.









lightsaber toothbrush #48 Lightsaber Toothbrushvisit product site

Here’s one of those fun and practical products to help get the kids doing something that they may be slacking off on. Normally brushing the teeth is a chore that lots of kids try to get out of. Make it fun for them with these lightsaber toothbrushes and watch the dentist bill for cavities disappear.











led faucet light #49 LED Faucet Temperature Controlled Lightvisit product site

You ever go to wash your hands but the person who used the sink right before you had the water on scalding hot and you burn your hands? This gadget is cool and practical. When the water is hot it will look red and when the water is cold it will look blue. Avoid burning yourself anymore with this light. And at under $5 it costs less than a cup of Starbucks.







smartphone laser tag #50 Smartphone Laser Tagvisit product site

Want to pump some excitement into your work day? Why not play some laser tag while on the clock? Duck in and out of cubicles as you try to best your officemates. And then take it home and have a laser tag battle with your significant other with the loser having to do the dishes that night.








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