The Top 100 Coolest Gifts You Can Buy Online That Will Blow Their Mind

Get ready to drool because you are about to see 100 crazy things that you can buy online. In fact, you may have never even known that a lot of these things were in existence. From the cool to the wacky to the practical to the insane these are some of the coolest gadgets & gizmos that you can buy on the internet! If you ever get stuck trying to come up with a unique gift idea than you have come to the right place.


water jetpack#1 The Water Jetpack – visit product site

If you ever saw the movie ‘The Rocketeer’ and wanted to be able to fly this is your best chance to do so! Fly up to 25 feet in the air and be the envy of everyone around the water. There are three different models available ranging from $10,000 to $70,000 so you would definitely need a ton of spare cash in your bank account to add this to your collection of insanely cool toys.





vegetable root garden

#2 Vegetable Root Visible Gardenvisit product site

If you have a green thumb this is a really cool (and moderately priced at under $30) way to watch your food grow. Watch your vegetables as they go from seedling to baby vegetable to grownup vegetable before they venture in your salad. And if you have kids but have trouble getting them to get excited about eating their veggies this may be the perfect way to get some on their plate!




aquarium coffee table #3 Aquarium Coffee Tablevisit product site

The next time you have guests over and they are tired of holding their drink you can have them place it on your… aquarium coffee table? Yup, it’s true, there’s a table with fish in it. Definitely a conversation piece that will have people talking, you’ll forever be known as the person with the cool fish table.




usb wall socket #4 USB Wall Plugvisit product site

If we asked a roomful of people who was sick and tired of having to buy a hundred different charge cords the entire room would raise their hand. With this nifty wall outlet you can now charge everything that has a USB charger through your wall, no need to buy all those additional chargers.






cat_hoodie #5 Pet Hoodievisit product site

When your pet needs to lay low, you know, like when your dog poops on the rug or when the cat paws through an entire roll of toilet paper they can by hiding out in their own hoodie. They can walk through the house and blend in while averting your angry stare, or so they will think. Besides being adorable these hoodies are also good to help keep your pet warm during the cold months.




three player chess #6 Three Player Chessvisit product site

For all the Einsteins out there who think regular chess doesn’t present a challenge anymore here’s a board game that will ensure chaos is had. While three player chess is not officially a recognized Olympic sport yet (fingers crossed though, we’re still hoping) three player chess will allow you to to exercise your brain as you need to focus on check mating two kings at once.



death wish coffee #7 The Strongest Cup of Coffeevisit product site

You know how there’s tons of places that say they have the best or the strongest coffee around? At first we were skeptical until we started reading the reviews of Death Wish Coffee (sounds delicious, exactly how I want to start the day off with a nice cup of Death Wish) and the reviews seem like this is actually legit stuff if you want some coffee that will have you bouncing off the walls.



glow in the dark toilet paper #8 Glow in the Dark Toilet Papervisit product site

You know those times in the middle of the night when you stumble in the bathroom in the dark and bang your foot (which in turn hurts really bad, which in turn wakes you up fully, which in turn ruins your night of sleep when it takes 2 hours to fall back asleep)? Or the times in the middle of the night when you’re in the dark and the toilet paper ran out and you just can’t see where the backup roll is? Well… two problems solved with one product. Glow in the dark toilet paper.



horse head mask #9 Horse Head Maskvisit product site

If you want to freak people out, hide a black eye, or blend in when you visit a stable this product will do it all for you. Reenact the infamous ‘Godfather’ screen, have Halloween figured out early, or if you have an identity crisis with Mr. Ed you’re covered with the horse head mask. Willllllllllburrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…






computer work station


# 10 Ultimate Computer Workstationvisit product site

Most of us sit behind a boring desk in a boring chair to use our computers. But we never knew there was an alternative so we were OK with it. How about now? Besides looking bad ass this computer workstation offers you a life of luxury and comfort while doing your work. No more stiff necks, sore wrists, cramped legs, or eyes that are bugging out. While this is a pricey prospect starting at $6,000 and up you would for sure be the envy of every cubicle worker south of the North Pole.






jetski_quad#11 Jetski Quadvisit product site

If you think this looks amazing than I am in 100% agreement with you. A jetski that turns into a quad, or is it a quad that turns into a jetski. Who cares really about semantics when you have something that you can ride on land AND water. And this is no kiddie toy, it travels up to 45 miles per hour both at a jetski and as a quad. Zoom zoom…






floating_cabana #12 Floating Cabanavisit product site

For those lazy summer days when you want to be out on the water but don’t have $15k to buy a boat, or $3k to store the boat, or $2k to buy fuel for the boat, or $1k for the trailer to pull the boat… this is a pretty affordable alternative. If you and three other people split the cost it will run you around $88 each. Not bad for a little slice of heaven.








hoverbike #13 Aero-X Hoverbikevisit product site

Sign me up please. This hoverbike looks awesome. Imagine taking this bad boy out in the desert and flying over the scorpions, tarantulas, and snakes instead of being on the ground with them. This thing is also a chick magnet so if there’s a special lady you want in your life just zip by and ask her out while you’re hovering over the ground. That’s a strong move.






sea scooter #14 Seadoo Underwater Sea Scootervisit product site

If you snorkel or scuba then this little guy will help you move along faster. It will help you go up to 2 miles per hour which sounds slow but is actually a good speed when you are underwater. It will last 1.5 hours before it needs a recharge so make sure you plan accordingly. You don’t want to wind up in the middle of the ocean and have the battery die cause that would suck.





bookcase_chair #15 Bookcase Chairvisit product site

If you’re looking for a conversation piece this may be a good place to start. Fill up the chair with your favorite literature and you don’t even need to get up to grab your next book. They need to consider adding some cushioned armrests before we can consider it an ideal seating arrangement though.






rear view sunglasses #16 See Behind You Sunglassesvisit product site

These are not the most stylish sunglasses but for under $5 they do provide some fun if you always wanted to be a spy. See what is going on behind you without anyone knowing. Walk past a cute person and want to see if they turn around to check you out? Covered. Want to see if your waiter is doing anything fishy to your food without having them know? Covered. Want to get an eyeful when someone asks you to turn around because they are going to change? Definitely covered. Oh yeah, and kids also seem to love these too so you can rock the same shades as the youngins.





ice cream maker #17 Ice Cream Sandwich Makervisit product site

Who doesn’t love ice cream sandwiches? Besides lactose intolerant people that is. The grocery store usually only has vanilla ice cream sandwiches and if you’re lucky they will have napoleon too. With this build your own ice cream sandwich maker you decide what kind of ‘scream you want between the cookies. Delicious fun for people of all ages (Grandma loves her ice cream sandwiches too)!





jag grill #18 Everyone Cooks Their Own Meal Grillvisit product site

This is a pretty unique idea that would be fun activity at a get together. No longer does the man of the house have to suffer in the heat behind the hot grill by himself while everyone else relaxes, now everyone can cook what they want to eat and if the order gets messed up it is their own fault! The only hesitation I would have before considering this is when you have wood exposed to the high heat from the grill after a while the wood will warp so after a summer of use the table portion may start to look wonky.





beer_glass_froster #19 Beer Glass Frostervisit product site

Costing almost $400 this is a pricey tool that maybe only the hardcore beer enthusiasts will purchase, but I think we can all agree it is pretty damn cool. Frost your beer glass in 10 seconds and don’t worry again about filling up the freezer with empty glasses. This would be the perfect gift for the guy who has it all (but doesn’t have this) and who has his own bar or man cave area.







doggles #20 Doggles Sunglasses for Dogsvisit product site

If you want your dog to be the coolest pup in town or you want to protect their eyes against UV rays and foreign objects (think sand flying in the eyes at the beach) than Doggles might just be what the doctor ordered. There are some breeds of dogs that are more likely to have eye issues when they get older so at under $15/pair this may be a good investment to help avoid those big vet bills down the road.








knife inside knife #21 Knives Inside Knivesvisit product site

Just when you thought you couldn’t save any more room in your knife drawer along comes this… It is cool, it is trendy, it is priced to set you back almost four figures! These stainless steel knives are the counterpart to the Russian nesting dolls. Watch your fingers with these bad boys.





boyfriend pillow #22 The Boyfriend Pillowvisit product site

You just had a long day; you worked, you made dinner, you did chores, and now you just want to snuggle next to your significant other. Only you just remembered you’re single. No worries now that you have your own boyfriend pillow. It won’t snore, fart, or steal the blankets. With it being priced under $30 it is a cheap replacement for your ex until you find Mr. Right.






human bowling ball #23 Human Bowling Ball Gamevisit product site

If you have a flat yard and a couple grand to burn then the human bowling ball game might be for you. Enjoy the excitement as you roll down the alley trying to score a perfect strike. You even got bumpers to keep you in the lane. I might put the ball to the side and spray water on the tarp and turn it into a slip and slide bowling alley!




pizza cone makers #24 Pizza Cone Makervisit product site

There are sometimes when combining two things you love doesn’t work (like a chocolate television) and then sometimes it works perfectly (like pizza and a waffle cone). These look pretty delicious and they also look like they will be fun to make. At under $15 it is something that could make a unique and affordable gift for that hard to buy for someone.






music activated sticker #25 Music Activated Car Stickervisit product site

A sticker that will move as you play music in your car. So if you got a song with a lot of base and you want to show it off visually these stickers will do the job. If you want to see how it looks in action there’s a video on Youtube HERE that you can check out.





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