The 4 Things You Need to do to Increase Your Vertical Jump and Jump Higher

I am interested in exercising and having a healthy body so last night I found myself in the middle of a conversation with a few people about exercising and the topic of increasing your vertical jump height came up.? Personally I have no need to increase my vertical jump but when they mentioned that this would significantly tone your calves my ears perked up and I decided to share what was shared in the conversation.? The person who was sharing this information is a strength and conditioning coach for a college sports program so this should be pretty effective.

He said that there are four areas to focus on when you want to increase your vertical jump.

Stretching, Strength, Repetition, and self-myofascial release (which is more easily known as foam rolling).


Your body is like a spring, a big coiled spring when you are going to vertically jump.? If that spring is rusty you won’t get the bounce you are looking for.? The way to eliminate that rust and get the maximum potential out of your ‘spring’ is to stretch either daily or every other day.? Think of all the parts of your body that are used when you jump because those are the parts that you’ll need to stretch.? Calves, Ankles, Quads, Hamstrings, Hips, and Hip Flexors.? Stretching will allow you to get the most out of your vertical jump so just stretching on its own will produce a result.


This one is pretty obvious, if you want to jump high you need to strengthen the muscles that you’re going to use when you jump.? Think of the motion when you jump, you squat down a little (or a lot) and you spring up.? The two best exercises believe it or not are Squats and Deadlifts because they mirror the motion of vertically jumping.? They also strengthen each of the muscles you will be using when jumping.? An exercise that focuses specifically on your calves does not use the jumping motion nor does it work out the other pieces of your ‘spring’.? A lot of people work out each leg muscle individually and they don’t see the results they would expect to see when jumping.? This is why.


Jump, jump, jump.? You need to practice the actual motion.? The stretching and the strength will help you but you need the repetition of jumping every day.? Jump for 10 minutes a day.? It doesn’t sound like a lot but you will be amazed as you see the progression.? And the important thing about repetition is jump like you normally would.? Meaning if your goal is to dunk a basketball you shouldn’t just stand and jump.? Go outside, take a little run at the hoop and jump.? You need to be repeating whatever motion you are looking to improve your vertical jump on.

Self-myofascial release (Body Rolling)

I was not familiar with body rolling before but it sounds very interesting.? First you need a foam roller (here they are on I’m sure you can also find them in Walmart as well, but personally I prefer to read the reviews on Amazon so I know I’m getting a quality product out of the different selection.? So what is body rolling and how does it benefit you?? The point of body rolling is to reset your body.? Let’s say you are jumping to simulate dunking a basketball like we said in the Repetition section.? If you are always jumping off the same food that leg is going to get more tired than the other leg.? Now when you go to work out your off leg is going to be working harder to compensate for your jumping leg which is sore from the jumping.? Do you see how this will be an issue.? What body rolling does is it resets your body.? So when that jump leg is sore you body roll it and it will reset that leg.? Now when you go to lift weights your legs are equal and your workout goes as it should.

And that is it in summary of the four things you can do to increase your vertical jump.? After doing this for 3 weeks you should start to see some noticeable gains your in vertical jump height.


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