The 10 Best Up and Coming Job Sectors for You to Look Into

The job market is a tough place in today’s economy so I decided to do some research and see what the best upcoming job sectors were for people to get into.? If you are a college student and thinking about what to major in this would be a valuable article to read.? If you are already in the workplace and are thinking of changing careers but don’t know what you want to go into this would also be valuable to you to.? With the job market changing (increased automation, robotics, driverless cars) it is extremely important for everyone to think about what jobs will be available in the future because the last thing anyone wants is to wind up in the unemployment line because you chose a bad job sector to get into.

The few things that I considered when doing research and coming up with this list of the 10 best up and coming job sectors was that the job sector had to become widespread enough that there would be available jobs in it almost anywhere, that the average salary had to be at least middle of the road, and that these job sectors were only going to grow and get bigger and present more opportunities for people.

Before we get into what job sectors you should be considering let’s take a minute to point out the job sectors that you should be avoiding at all costs:

1.? Fast food – automation is going to kill employment in the fast food industry.? People will order their food by themselves, the food will get created by machines/robots, and really the restaurant will just need a person there to ensure that the automation is running smoothly.? Avoid this industry if you can.

2.? Drivers – do you drive a taxi or work for Uber?? Do you drive one of those big rigs across the country.? Then your job is going to be in jeopardy very soon.? Autonomous cars are here and companies are going to ditch their employees and bring on a fleet of self-driving cars to replace people.? It makes sense for the company as they don’t have to pay a salary, autonomous cars have a much lower accident rate then humans, and when the cars are integrated with traffic routes the delivery speed with increase.

3.? Warehouse work – if you aren’t familiar with how runs their warehouses you should look into it.? It used to be all workers, now it is a split between workers and robotics, and pretty soon it will be all robotics.? There is no long time job in this industry anymore so do not get started in it.

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Now without any further delay you can check out the infographic below that tells you the best 10 upcoming job sectors that you should be considering looking into.

(You can click on the infographic to have it appear bigger in case the wording is too small on the screen you are using)

The Best Upcoming 10 Job Sectors

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