How To IPAD Tips and Tricks You Might Not Know About – Part 1

Ever since the iPad first emerged, people went wild over it. Years later, the craze is still going on. Recently, the iPad 3 was announced, but many people are still satisfied with the first edition. For those of you who enjoy using the iPad, you might not know all there is to know about it – it is capable of more than what you may realize. In the paragraphs below, we are going to lend you a helping hand and give you some iPad tips, so pay close attention to what we have to tell you.

Turn off the Email Alert Chimes

Do those email alert chimes bother you sometimes? You can turn them off. Simply go to the Settings – Sounds – Turn off New Mail sound. Here, you will also be able to adjust those sound levels, if they are too loud.

iPad Battery

Do you have an iPad battery that is flat? If so, then it could take longer for it to charge. When you plug it into the wall, it may take awhile for that red battery symbol to appear. Simply leave it plugged in and wait because eventually, that charging symbol will show up.

Copy/Paste Made Easy

Tap and hold down while you choose “Select” to select the exact text you’d like to copy. Tap “copy” then switch over to a different app, tap and hold down again and click on “Paste.” In order to copy a whole paragraph, you can tap on the screen four times.

Access Running Apps

When you double click the “Hobe Button,” you will find all of the applications that are currently running on your device – they will be on the bar at the bottom of your screen. If you would like to switch over to the running app, simply tap on it. In order to remove the bar, swipe the screen downwards.


This device can support a VPN connection. If you wish to configure VPN, simply go to the settings and then click on general and then network. Click on the VPN and switch this connection on. Then, add a VPN and configuration by inserting your server and account information

Battery Percentage

Some people find the battery percentage a bit on the distracting side. Would you like to turn the battery percentage off? Go to settings, general and usage. Here, you can turn off the battery percentage display.


Do you wish you had a real keyboard? You can plug in any Apple wireless keyboard. Actually, the device is capable of working with any type of Bluetooth keyboard. Some of the iPad cases actually have a keyboard that is built into it, which can be useful.

The iPad is definitely a useful tool. Some people don’t realize the potential that it really has. With the many useful iPad tips, you can really put the device to work. There are plenty of shortcuts that will help you save time while using the device.

2 Responses to How To IPAD Tips and Tricks You Might Not Know About – Part 1

  1. Panhard67 says:

    My email is frozen.i open with photos of babies sent from Canada, and now I can’t use my email. Please help

  2. Ghislaine Giroux says:

    I wonder if you can help me? I was in the process of downloading pages & its spreadsheet equivalent (numbers?) I was doing both at the same time and they seemed to have frozen. When I look in the App Store, I can see the app and it still says ‘installing’ but nothing is moving and it has been like that for almost an hour. How do I get it to finish installing this app? I have tried the trick of shutting the Ipad until I get the slide bar and then pressing on the home button but it isn’t helping. Any other suggestions?
    Your help would be greatly appreciated

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