How to Get Rid of Facebook Ads

Anyone who uses Facebook will admit that the onslaught of advertisements that appear in the right sidebar can be annoying. Sometimes it seems like they are entirely irrelevant to anything that you are interested in. The truth is that the advertisements are what help keep Facebook a free website. Additionally, it is one of the leading forms of advertising for businesses who want to reach consumers in a specific area. Continue reading

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How to Create a Facebook Fan Page

Users create fan pages for a variety of reasons. Most people have started using a Facebook fan page as a way to market their business, hobby or band. These pages can also be used to promote a specific product, gain recognition for a public figure or celebrity or for more frivolous reasons like those pages that are simply designed to entertain the followers. If you have something you want to say, promote and educate about then you can create a Facebook fan page using a few simple steps. Continue reading

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How To Set Location Settings For iPhone

The locations setting on your iPhone, plays a part in many different applications on your iPhone. For the most part is is interesting to see where you were at what time for certain things ie. where you were when you took a specific picture. This tip will easily help you navigate how to set location settings on your iPhone. Go to your ‘Settings’ icon on your iPhone’s homescreen. The 4th line down should say ‘Location Services’. Since you are going there for the first time, it should be set to off (unless you have chosen for the location to be on for each app that you have downloaded). If you were given the option when you downloaded an app to set location services and you clicked yes the app will be listed in your locations services.

Tap your finger on ‘Location Services’, so it goes from off to on (left to right). As it will state “Location services uses GPS along with crowd- sourced Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower locations to determine your approximate location.” When you’ve clicked the location services button to ‘on’, you will see a list of all the apps that you’ve downloaded with an option to turn it on or off for each app. You can have all of them set to ‘on’ or ‘off’ or you can have some on and some off.

If you scroll further down, underneath the list of apps, you will see a description of the types of location arrows (shaped similarly to this > ). The types of location arrows range from an app that is using your location currently, has used your location within the last 24 hours, and one that is using a ‘geofence’. (A ‘geofence’ is a vertual perimeter around a location. Certain apps like the ‘reminders app’ will use a ‘geofence’ which actually notifies you when you have arrived at, or are leaving a location.

You can only see these location services arrows if you tap on the ‘system services’ button on the way bottom of the screen, and then scroll down all the way to the bottom again, and click ‘status bar icon’ this will show the actual location services icon in the status bar of your iPhone when the services listed above are requesting your location. Scrolling back up to the list of 6 items, you will see on/off options for: ‘Cell Network Search’, ‘Compass Calibration’, ‘Diagnostics & Usage’, ‘Location -Based iAds’, ‘Setting Time Zone’, and ‘Traffic’. These are all very important in knowing your location so it is best to have them all set to the ‘on’ option. Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂

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How To Set Up Photo Slideshow on iPhone

Setting up a photo slideshow on iPhone is a piece of cake – well it will be after you read our tip! The slideshow feature is yet another feature that enhances your whole iPhone experience. Start by going into the album you want to create a slideshow for, and tapping on any photo within the photo album. (If you need to know how to go into the album and choose a photo, please see our tip on how to photo tips on iPhone camera -part 1.

When you’ve chosen the picture you want, tap the middle bottom icon -it looks like an arrow facing to the right, this is known as the ‘Slideshow’ tab. In the first line, it has a ‘Transition’ option which allows you to set up the way you want your photo album to display it’s content. In other words, if you want it to go from one picture to the next in a slideshow format, by tapping the ‘Transition’ option it will give you 5 options of how to go from one photo to the next, whether it’s ‘dissolve’, ‘ripple’, ‘wipe down’, etc. Whichever option you choose by tapping on it, you will see a small arrow appear on the right hand side within the line of the option you’ve chosen. So, if you’ve chosen the ‘dissolve’ option, tap the dissolve line and a small check will appear on the right hand side within the dissolve line.

Next you will see an option for ‘Play music’. You can choose to either have music play while your slideshow is playing or you can choose to have no music -by tapping the button to ‘off’. If you do want music, tap the button to ‘on’, and a 3rd line will appear that says ‘music’. Note you can only have music if you have downloaded music from iTunes on your iPhone. If you have downloaded music through iTunes on your iPhone, by tapping the ‘Music’ button you will see a list appear of all the songs you’ve downloaded. Once you click a songit will list that song as the ‘Music’ selection and you can then click ‘Start Slideshow’.

If you did not want to select music skip the above paragraph and after you’ve chosen the ‘Transition’ you want for your photo album slideshow, click ‘Start Slideshow’. Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂

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How To Photo Tips on iPhone Camera -Part 2

As if there wasn’t enough to know from Part 1, you guessed it we have a new load of how to tips on iPhone camera. Buckle up because you’re going to be blown away! If you haven’t already read the first part of this (how to photo tips on iPhone camera -part 1) we highly suggest doing so, so that you are not out of the loop with anything we’ve talked about so far. We will start this tip by beginning as if we’ve already chosen the photo we want (again please see how to photo tips on iPhone camera -Part 1 to know how to do this).

After selecting a photo from your album (we suggest choosing a photo to play around with that you don’t mind discarding when you’re done just in case!) Click the ‘Edit’ button on the top right hand side of the photo. You will see 4 small icons appear on the bottom of the screen. As always if you change your mind about editing a photo simpley tap the ‘Cancel’ button on the top right at any time.

The first small icon on the bottom right, is an arrow that looks like it’s facing up and to the left. It is the ‘Rotate’ button. By clicking this icon, you can move your photo into an up, down, left, or right facing position. Usually this is a great feature for when your drunk girlfriend decided to take pictures with your iPhone upside down. This ‘rotate’ button allows you to align the photo as if it was taken at a normal angle.

Next to that you will see an icon that looks like a little magic wand – this is the ‘Auto Enhance’ button. The ‘Auto enhance’ option can be turned on and off by tapping and retapping the icon. What this nifty little feature does is brighten your photo so that the picture quality has even tones. Try it, you will see a difference in the picture from when the ‘auto enhancer’ is on and when it is off.

Now get a load of this next icon, ‘Red Eye Remover’ – how cool is that? You don’t need that certain pen to remove red eye for these photos nor do you need to pay an expensive photographer to remove the red eye. When you click this icon for ‘Red Eye Remover’ it tells you to tap each red – eye, if it found something to correct it will ask to confirm by showing the difference and if you don’t like it just tap it again to undo. If it does not find any red- eye to correct then you know there was no red eye to remove in that photo. Uncanny that the iPhone would be able to detect that there is/isn’t red-eye in a photo, much less fix the red eye!

The last icon is a ‘Crop’ option. You can start using cropping by using the ‘Pinch’ feature as you well know it is exclusive to touch screen phones such as iPhone and Androids, and is done by putting your thumb and pointer finger on the screen and spreading them apart while on the screen. So when you have pinched the picture to the exact zoom of focus or the particular object you want to focus on in the picture, tap the ‘constrain’ button. Once you do that, you will see a mini ‘grid’ appear and there will be photo size options for you to choose from ie. 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, etc. Once you’ve selected the size you want your photo to be cropped to, on the top right is a yellow button that says ‘crop’.Tap the ‘crop’ button and then tap ‘save’. Once it is saved it will be the size you cropped it to. (Unless you take a snapshot of the screen first -please see our tip on how to take a snapshot of iPhone screen for how to do this.) If you’ve chosen a larger size, you will not see it as large as it is, ie. 8×10 unless you print it out or email it to someone, or save it on iCloud and view it on an actual computer. Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂

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