Here’s a Secret for How to Lower Your Credit Card Interest Rate

Credit card companies on average charge anywhere from 4.99% to 29.99% interest rates to their customers.? Depending how large of a balance you keep on your credit card this can add up to some big interest expense so today we’re going to talk about two ways you could potentially lower your credit card interest rate. Continue reading

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How to Find a Lost Dog

I was at a gathering and one of the people attending was telling someone else how their dog was lost, they had spent all night walking around calling out their dogs name, and they were going to leave the gathering shortly to look again.? I was chatting with a family friend and we overhead this and my friend went over and gave some advice on how to help find the lost dog.? I thought this was great advice he gave and not something I would have thought of doing so I wanted to share it in case anyone is in this situation. Continue reading

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How to Perfectly Fold Shirts in Under 5 Seconds – Have to Watch this Video

If you are like me and do not enjoy folding because you are a perfectionist and you end up folding the same shirt multiple times until you get it perfect then you are going to love this video that I’m going to share with you.? At first when I watched the video I thought it looked like one of those late night made for TV infomercial products.? Then the next time I did laundry and I caught myself folding my husband’s shirt three times until it was perfect I watched the video again and bought it as a little splurge.? I am happy to report that this guy works like a charm and now all the shirts on our closet shelves as lined up perfectly.? I’m one of those 300+ five star reviews on the bottom.? I normally don’t leave a review unless I’m very happy or very unhappy with a product.? The video is below and you can find the MiracleFold here on If you have this share a comment below and let others know what you think of it.

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The Top 100 Coolest Gifts You Can Buy Online That Will Blow Their Mind

Get ready to drool because you are about to see 100 crazy things that you can buy online. In fact, you may have never even known that a lot of these things were in existence. From the cool to the wacky to the practical to the insane these are some of the coolest gadgets & gizmos that you can buy on the internet! If you ever get stuck trying to come up with a unique gift idea than you have come to the right place.


water jetpack#1 The Water Jetpack – visit product site

If you ever saw the movie ‘The Rocketeer’ and wanted to be able to fly this is your best chance to do so! Fly up to 25 feet in the air and be the envy of everyone around the water. There are three different models available ranging from $10,000 to $70,000 so you would definitely need a ton of spare cash in your bank account to add this to your collection of insanely cool toys.

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How to Play Fantasy Sports (like Fantasy Football) 7 Days a Week for Money

Guys love their fantasy sports (like fantasy football) but the problem with fantasy sports is that if your team stinks then the fun ends very early in the season.? And that is no fun.? There’s a relatively new fantasy sports game in town and that is the daily or weekly fantasy football, fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball contests over at FanDuel (visit their site here).? This is great for fantasy sports lovers because you can play daily or weekly and then start over and play again.? There is a wide variety of options so if you just want to play for fun there are free tournaments to enter, and if you want to spice it up a bit there are plenty of cash contests to play.? Fantasy sports are legal and not considered gambling by the US government so you can rest assured if you win a lot of money playing fantasy sports you won’t get in trouble or have that money at risk. Continue reading

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How to Watch Live NFL Football Online with Wiziwig

If you want to watch live NFL football online you are in luck because it is a simple two step process using Wiziwig.? If you are not familiar with Wiziwig it is a website (formerly known as that is a forum that has sports fans share links with each other as to where to watch live sporting events and matches online.? The forum offers more than just NFL football, as there are boards for baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, and more, but NFL football is definitely the most popular sport and there’s always a ton of links on each NFL Sunday that tell you where you can watch all the live football games. Continue reading

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The Difference Between Facebook Messaging vs. Sending a Message on Facebook

Until the new Facebook timeline emerged in March of 2011, Facebook messaging and sending a message on Facebook were two different things. You can send a message to any user or group of users by clicking on the envelope at the top left side of your screen and selecting ?Create a message?. If you would like to send your message to multiple users, for example, your siblings, you can enter their names at the top and it will open up a message box for you to enter your message. Facebook messaging, however, was when you clicked on the ?Chat? box in the lower right hand corner and a list will appear with users who are online or that you regularly interact with.

With the new Facebook timeline layout, these functions are essentially the same. You cannot create group chats using Facebook messaging, this can only be done through sending a message. However, you if you send a direct message to someone it will appear in your Facebook messaging dialogue. Continue reading

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