How to Jump Higher, Increase Your Vertical Jump

Do you want to jump higher by increasing your vertical jump?? This can be useful if you play basketball, want to reach something on the top shelf, or play other sports.? There are ways you can increase your vertical jump by you will need to put in some work.

To understand your vertical jumping ability you need to know it is all about your legs and more specifically your calf muscles.? Your calf muscles control the “spring” in your jump and training your calf muscles will directly result in you being able to jump higher.? There are many different methods that people will recommend to train your calves.? But these few exercises will produce the results you are looking for.

Exercise 1:

Jump.? Yes, really, jump.? Each day you should try to jump at least 100 times in place.? When you jump, make sure you are really springing up from your toes.? This will help your calf muscles gain that explosive thrust that springs you upwards.? Jumping 100 times in place may sound easy but when you attempt it you will find yourself getting fatigued pretty quickly.? Once you are able to do 100 in a row you should increase it by 25 and then try to jump 125 times in a row.? Each time you are able to reach the limit increase it by another 25.

Exercise 2:

Walk on your toes.? There are silly looking sneakers you can buy (they were even featured on an episode of Seinfeld in which Kramer wore them for the entire episode).? These shoes have a saucer on the bottom and the heel of the shoe is raised off the ground.? This ensures when you walk you will be walking on your toes.? This will strengthen your calves.? You do not need to buy a product to do this, you can walk on your toes yourself.? Go for a walk outside and keep focused on your toes and walking on your toes.? It is trickier than it sounds.? You can wear a backpack and put some weight in the backpack to increase the difficultly. Watch your vertical jump increase dramatically with the more weight you carry around during this exercise.

Exercise 3:

Calf raises are another good exercise to strengthen your calf muscles.? Find some stairs.? Step onto the stairs so that you are facing up the stairwell, and put your toes on the stairs and let your heels hang off the stairs.? Now raise up onto your toes and then lower yourself, and keep repeating this motion.? This will get your calf muscles stronger in no time.? Again, you can use the backpack with weight trick here if doing it without weight becomes very easy for you.? This will help get on you track to jump higher for sure.

Exercise 4:

Finally, you should run every day.? While the calf muscles are the driving force behind your vertical jump and make you jump higher, all your leg muscles work together.? By strengthening all your leg muscles you will help yourself jump higher.

Being able to jump higher has no secrets, you just need to get stronger through these tips, all of which you can do at home and are free.? You don’t need to pay for an expensive gym membership if you don’t want to, you can do everything in the comfort of your own home/neighborhood.

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