How To Fix an IPad Touchscreen That’s Giving You Problems? Here’s Some Potential Solutions

The IPad touchscreen can give some people fits.? You’re ready to use your IPad but it is not responding to your finger commands.? It’s not like a computer where you can check the chord to your keyboard or mouse… but there are some things you can check that may solve the lack of responsiveness on your IPad:


?The iPad may have one of the following symptoms:

The multi-touch screen (or “touch screen”) is not responding

Parts of the multi-touch screen not responding

The multi-touch screen takes too long to respond



?If your device is experiencing any of these symptoms, try these steps:

Clean the iPad screen ?with a soft cloth slightly dampened, lint-free.

Do not wear gloves while using multi-touch screen. Do not use the touch screen with wet hands or immediately after applying cream. Humidity affects the behavior of the touch screen as it does with a trackpad.

If the touch screen is protected with a plastic sheet or film, try to remove it, as this could prevent the touch screen working properly.

If that does not work, turn the device off and back on. Press and hold Sleep / Wake of the top of the device for a few seconds until a red slider appears and then drag. Then press and hold the Sleep / Wake until the Apple logo. For more information, see iPad: Frozen and unresponsive.

If the device turns off, turn it back on again. Hold down the buttons Sleep / Wake and Home simultaneously for at least ten seconds until the Apple logo.

If the above steps do not solve the problem, make an appointment with an Apple Store to evaluate your device. If there is no Apple Store to be able to attend, contact Apple to find the best service option or view FAQs about maintaining the iPad.

Tip: If you take your device to an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider for examination, follow these steps to help the Mac Genius to determine which part of the touch screen is not responding.

Open the Maps application and click twice on each corner and then in the center to verify that the zoom works in all sections.

If a particular area does not respond in another application, look in and see what area is the touch functionality of it in the Maps application.

5 Responses to How To Fix an IPad Touchscreen That’s Giving You Problems? Here’s Some Potential Solutions

  1. Sebasti says:

    Hi i hope you can help me. My iPad mini’s touch screen is acting very weird. For expample when I type it types whatever it wants . Writing this it’s taking forever. Let’s say I want to type horse it type hodoeoesw. Help me please

  2. ali naich says:

    my ipad4 touch not working

  3. Cynthia Seaver says:

    My touchscreen on my other ipad is not working. I can’t even slide to open ipad up.

  4. linda M says:

    my screen stopped working only while reading email. I let the charge go down to zero an then The touch screen started working again. Let me know if this helps. Lindey

  5. subham nath says:

    my apple ipad mini’s touch is having some problem,,,,,,,initially, when i open the ipad,,,,it works good,,,,,then after some time,,,,,the same problem is repeating that when i am trying to open any page or app,,,,another thing getting opened automatically,,,,,,getting zoomed in,,,zoomed out,,,,,,problem occuring from last 2-3 weeks,,,,,please help…..

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