How to Watch Sunday Night Football on Your iPad

If you want to watch Sunday Night Football on your iPad you may be having some trouble that you need help with, well we are here to help.? You can watch the Sunday Night Football game directly from the official NFL stream which is found here:

You may be having a problem where you can’t watch this stream on your iPad though because the iPad does not support Flash videos.? Don’t worry, we are going to get you up and running one way or another.? If you want to use the NBC Sports site than you will need to purchase an app for your iPad to allow you to watch live streaming Flash based videos.? If you don’t want to purchase an app than we have a few more options for you to check out as workarounds.

There are two sites that are about streaming football games.? You can find them here:? and here:? .? Let’s talk a little more about these two sites.

These two sites operate on a user based generation method, where users such as yourself can post to the sites if they are going to stream a game online or if they know where a stream is happening online.? These streams can occur on someone’s personal website, on someone’s blog through a blog platform like Blogger, or through a P2P application such as Streamtorrent ( ), TVAnts, Sopcast, etc…?? The good thing about finding the game to watch this way on your iPad is that you are offered multiple different viewing options to watch the football game, and not all of them require Flash video to be viewed.? As a result, if you don’t want to buy an app and use the official NBC site you can use these two other sites and find multiple links to live football streams going on all over the internet.

Also, all the P2P software mentioned above is free to download and use so you can use Google to find the latest versions of the software.

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