How to Watch Football Online Live

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Today’s Tip: How to Watch Football Online Live

So football time of the year is here and on Sunday all the guys will be watching their favorite football teams play all day long.? What happens though if your favorite team is not on your local cable channel?? There are a few options that you have to be able to watch football teams that are not on your local television station.

1.? Buy the NFL Sunday Ticket Package from Direct TV.? This is a package that the NFL sells that allows you to watch all the football games every week.? You can watch the games on your television or you can watch them online through your computer.? There are a few reasons why all football fans may not like this option.? First, it can be quite expensive.? The package costs around $500 per year and that is just for the NFL games.? You also need to subscribe to Direct TV’s regular service, which can be anywhere from $45 to $150 per month.? And last I checked they lock you into a two year contract.? So if you want to watch the NFL football games only, you can’t.? A lot of people I talked to would buy the package if they could just spend $500 and receive it, but the two year commitment and having to buy Direct TV’s service also made then say thanks but no thanks.? The second issue is that Direct TV needs to install a satellite dish on your roof.? If you live in a condo complex where this is not allowed then you are out of luck.? Also, if you have large trees around your house then the satellite may not work.? Direct TV will actually send a guy out and he will use a machine that can tell if the trees will block the signal.? If they will, then no Direct TV or Sunday NFL Ticket package for you.

2.? You can watch football online live on your computer.? This option has really become popular the last few years as I’ve heard about many people who do this.? There used to be good sites like where people would broadcast games by hooking up their computer to their local cable.? This way people would share games from all over the country.? But was asked not to allow this and so they started banning people for doing this.? Now, on Sunday you can no longer watch football online there, it is filled with all spam streams from what I’ve seen.? Another option is try to use Google to find games each week to watch.? A friend of mine told me that he didn’t have much luck trying this approach last year.? And the final option is you could use a service such as .? I don’t have too much information on services such as this, but my friend who had no luck with Google told me about and this is what he uses to watch football online now.

3.? You can watch the free broadcasts that the NFL puts online.? The NFL will broadcast the Sunday night football game live online for everyone to watch.? Most people who have cable television would have been able to see this anyhow, but if you did not have cable this is a nice perk to be able to watch the game broadcast live officially by the NFL.

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