How To Use Your iPhone Camera -The Basics

Yay! The iPhone camera! It takes amazing, high definition, quality pictures and has options like no other camera out there – even in regular cameras. There are so many fun things you can do with your iPhone camera. This tip will teach you the basics of how to use your iPhone camera and if you need more information or guidance on certain things, you will see a note within this tip that will refer you to a designated tip for that particular segment. So let’s begin on the iPhone Camera basics:

First, tap the camera icon on your iPhone. It will automatically bring up a blank screen facing whatever you have it facing. For example if you have your iPhone laying on a flat desk, the screen will look black, of if you have it in your hands while you’re sitting on the couch, you will see your legs in the screen. So, first you want to choose the option of blank screen -which is what you have when you first begin to use the camera or ‘Grid’ option. The ‘Grid’ is an overlay of imaginary lines which helps you to take a more precise picture with your iPhone camera. In order to choose the ‘Grid’ option, you will see on the top in the middle a button that says ‘Options’. When the mini dropdown box appears, you will see either on/off option for the ‘Grid’ tap yes if that is what you want. You will also see an ‘HDR’ option for on/off. This is ‘High Definition Resolution’ which essentially gives you the best quality picture possible. Again, if this is what you want to use to enhance your pictures, tap the yes. When you are done in this box, you will notice the ‘Options’ box has changed and now says ‘Done’, tap ‘Done’.

Next, on the top left of the ‘Options’ box, you will see an icon with a lightning bolt that says ‘Off’. Click that. The lightning bolt represents the flash. Generally you don’t need a flash when using the iPhone because the quality of the pictures is so impressive, but it is important to recognize that certain times of the day ie. evening, nighttime, dark settings require a bit more light in the frame of the camera’s lens. In order to maximize efficiency with the lighting and flash settings for your camera’s iPhone, we recommend tapping the ‘Off’ lightning bolt icon, and choosing ‘Auto’. This will tell your iPhone that it can automatically adjust to the lighting whenever you go to take a picture. This way you don’t have to worry about the lighting settings when you are rushing to get a candid photo and need the lighting just right.

Continuing on with the top icons in the iPhone camera screen, you will see a mini camera with 2 arrows in opposite directions, looks like they are going around the camera… This icon means ‘Reverse Camera’. This nifty feature comes in handy, for those special occasions when you want to take a picture of you and your hubby but your arms are not long enough to strike a pose and take the picture without chopping someone’s head off. By tapping this ‘Reverse Camera’ icon, the view in the camera’s lens switches from facing out ie. towards your toes to the opposite so you are now looking at yourself in the screen and your iPhone is awaiting to take the picture. Many people like this option when doing a picture of themselves. It is entirely up to you when to use this option.

Now on to the bottom icons. While still in the iPhone camera screen, you will see 3 icons on the bottom. The one to your far left is where you can have immediate access to your stored photos from iPhone. Since you are just starting out you may not have this icon yet, but as soon as you take your first picture with your iPhone camera, it will appear. If you tap this ‘Photos’ icon, it will bring up the most recent picture you’ve taken. You can scroll through the rest of the pictures by using your finger in a rubbing or a finger swipe motion to move to the left or the right to scroll through the rest of your stored photos. Because this icon has a lot more information on it we will not elaborate more in this tip, but can tell you more if you go to our tip on How To Manage Your Photos on iPhone Camera.

In the middle of the bottom of the screen, is a small camera icon. This is the button that will allow you to take the picture. Once you have the item you are taking a picture of, or the perfect shot of the family in place, (aligned with your Grid or not) tap the mini camera icon and it will take the picture. You can take multiple pictures in a row and the iPhone’s quality will still be amazing. There are virtually no blurry shots unless the person you are photographing moves.

Last, but not least, and just as fun as the rest of the options, is the camera versus video recorder icon. On the bottom right, still within the camera screen, you will see an icon on the bottom right that has a tiny camera and a tiny video camera. Yep, you guessed it, if the little knob is on the left hand side underneath the camera it is on camera setting, and if it is on the right hand side underneath the Video Recorder, it is on recorder setting. If you choose to put your iPhone on Recorder setting, the blank screen will be the exact same and instead of tapping the middle bottom icon to snap a picture you will be tapping the same button that has now turned into a red dot, and it will begin recording. To stop recording simply tap the same red dot button. Again this tip on how to use your iPhone camera was for the basics. We have other tips for you to browse in our iPhone tips category. Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂

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