How to Use Pinterest

Pinterest is the new hot social network that a lot of woman are joining making it one of the fastest growing sites on the internet.? Pinterest is really unique compared to other social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn because the site really focuses on people sharing images of things they like with each other by “pinning” things that they find on other sites.? People use their pin boards to plan events like their weddings or to show people what type of items they would like as a gift.? If you are interested in learning how to pin something on Pinterest here is a great video tutorial that is great to watch:

On Pinterest you can follow someone.? What following someone on Pinterest means is that whenever they add new pins to their board you will see those pins in real time.? If they add an entire new board you will see it all in real time.? You have the ability to follow or remove a follow if you want to add or remove seeing someone’s pins.

You can also do something on your Pinterest board that is called repinning.? If you find an image on someone else’s board on Pinterest and you want to add that image to your board you can repin that image.? If you want to repin an image the way to do this is when you are looking at the thumbnail picture you can put your mouse over the image and click on the “repin” button.? Or if you are viewing the image in full size, on the top left hand corner of the webpage is a repin button that you can hit.

You can also Like someone’s pin.? What this does is add that pin to your “Likes” section but it will not add the image to your Pinterest board.? So the difference between Liking and Repinning is where the image will show up in your account, either your Like profile page or your board.

In order to begin pinning things within your Pinterest account you need to create a new board.? You go to Add and then to Add New Board and this will generate a new board within your account so that you can begin to pin images that you want to share.

Finally, you can comment on other people’s pins.? To do this you can put your mouse over the thumbnail image of the pin and click on the “comment” button, or if the image is full size you can type a comment in the text box below the image.

Now get out there and start pinning away, hope to see some more great boards on Pinterest.

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