How to Use P2P4U to Watch Live Sports Online

There are tons of sports played around the world, but how many of those games can you watch on your television set?? Probably 1% of them if you are lucky.? You can buy upgrades to your cable plan, or buy a huge satellite dish that costs a fortune and looks ugly as it sticks out of your front lawn… but what millions of sports fans are doing today is coming online to watch live sports.? How does this work?

There is a site that was called This site provided links to all the live sporting events that people were showing online.? This includes NFL football, NBA basketball, MLB Baseball, and basically anything else you can think of.? The P2P4U domain name got confiscated and as a result the website rebranded itself as First Row Sports.? The site is the same, the same amount of live sports links, the only difference is that now it is on a .eu domain name instead of a .net domain name.

The way that First Row Sports works is that the site owner will each and every day post links on their site to where there are live sporting broadcasts online.? The site owner can get these links from First Row Sports members, from people who are doing the broadcasts, from searching the internet, from other sites, etc.? The benefit to you and everyone else is that you can have this daily updated directory of where you can watch live sporting events online.? All the streams are free to watch (or they should be at least) and most of them are in very good quality streaming.? You will rarely find a scrambled stream or a stream that is off and on.? First Row tends to only list links that have a reliable broadcast on them.? You can read about P2P4U on

So if you are a big sports fan and you’ve been missing games and haven’t been able to watch the sports matches that you want to watch you will be a happy camper when you visit this site and see the large variety that they have.

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