How to Tell if a Girl is Looking at You and Interested in You

I think it is pretty common for guys to never quite know if a girl is looking at him or checking him out unless she is making it beyond obvious.? A lot of times guys do not pick up on it and as a result they miss out on an opportunity that they probably would have taken action on if they only knew.? I’m going to give all you guys out there some golden advice today so you know how to tell if a girl is looking at you (or if she is looking at something completely different and you won’t embarrass yourself by mistaking it).

First off I don’t need to tell the ladies how know if a guy is checking them out because guys are pretty obvious.? They stare, they awkwardly try to look away fast if you catch them, their faces turn red, and the list goes on.? If you don’t know if a guy is checking you out then you need a little practice because the cues are pretty obvious.

Now fellas this article is for you.? Unless you are Brad Pitt hot you probably have some degree of self confidence problem.? Don’t worry that is normal.? It is OK to be unsure, to second guess yourself, and to never know what a girl is thinking because we hide it very well and we are nowheres near as obvious as you guys are about things.? I’m going to give you a tip today (after all this site is called Today’s Tip) and this is going to help you meet girls that you never would have met before because you’d be sitting there trying to figure out if a girl was looking at you and you’d never reach a conclusion and the girl will eventually wander off because she figures you are not interested. Are you ready???

If you believe a girl is checking you out but you’re not totally sure and you need to be totally sure because that is the only way you are possibly going to have the guts to go up to her this is what you should do.? When you think she is looking at you turn your head and stare off at something.? Make it sort of a big deal but not over the top.? Meaning, act like there is something really cool over there to look at.? Then wait a few seconds and quickly turn to look at the girl.? What is she looking at?? If she had followed your eyes and was staring off in the direction that you were looking (and probably trying to figure out what was so fascinating that it captured your attention) you know that she was looking at you.? Now you are armed with that knowledge you can go up and talk to her with confidence.? If you want to try to be totally sly you can even tell her that you thought she was looking at you but you weren’t totally sure and so you played your little trick to find out for sure.? Doing this could be a little risky.? Some girls may think you are pretty slick and it will be a great start to the conversation, other girls may think it is a little tacky and that you play games.? So use that as a conversation piece at your own risk.? Good luck with meeting some ladies!

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