How To Tag Someone In A Photo On Facebook

Yay! you took all these photos of your friends birthday party at the bar and now you want to post these hilarious photos with her tagged in them! First post your photos the way you normally would (if you’re new to facebook please see our tip on how to put a picture on facebook) onto your page. Once you’ve posted photos on your facebook it is very easy to tag someone in a photo.

When a photo is uploaded on the bottom right is an option to ‘tag photo’. When you click this option, it will tell you to click on the photo to start tagging people in the photo. Place your mouse over a person’s face in the picture and a small menu will appear. When this menu appears, you can either scroll down through the menu of names of your friends or you can type in a person’s name. You can continue to attach more people in the photo by placing your mouse on more faces in the picture. Then click the name or multiple names you want to tag in this photo and click ‘done tagging’. If you want to put the place you are at in the photos, either you can entitle the picture as “john smith’s bday @__________” and put the name of the place. If the place has a facebook page you can tag it and if they don’t you can add the name of the place in the name of the photo. Voila, you have now tagged your friends in your picture on facebook! We recommend since some people don’t like being attached to photos, to ask their permission first before tagging in your pictures.

Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂


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