How To Tag And Untag Someone At A Location On Facebook

Are you out with your bff at that new trendy restaurant and you want to rub it in your other friends’ faces on facebook? Are you drunk and pub crawling and want everyone to know where to come join you? Since practically everyone nowadays has a Facebook page, the only thing left for you to do to spread the word about where you are is to?tag yourself and/or someone at that location!

The first part is how to tag someone from?a laptop or regular computer.?So first, determine the place that you’re going to be at has a facebook page. If they don’t have a facebook page it will only be feasible to tag yourself or someone to a location near that place. Start by putting the friend’s names in your status bar by doing the @ sign and start by putting either ‘with’ or tagging yourself first. So it will look like this: @Yourself , @john smith, @jane doe were at @name of restaurant. Or you can do @yourself and @john smith, or you can do @yourself was with @jane doe at a town, such as @new haven, ct.

Let’s say you choose to remove the tag for some reason an unwelcome friend has located you and plans to join you by seeing your location. All you have to do is go to the right of your comment and an invisible little box will drop down, select remove tag, and click to confirm. Or you can have the option to set up your profile so certain people won’t see your statuses, etc.

If you are tagging someone at a location from your cellular phone or mobile device, there will be an option to click that says ‘check in’. From your actual location, your smart phone can track you via satellite and give a list of locations in close proximity to where you are. If the place you want to tag is not listed you can click the + sign to add the location yourself. And/or you can click ‘more nearby places’.

Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂

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