How To Study The Right Way

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Today’s Tip:? How To Study The Right Way

We’ve all been there, the perpetual test -just can’t figure out how to remember the info or get it to sink in? It’s frustrating and it sucks but today’s tip will help you learn how to study the right way. First, and most important, pay attention in class!! You can’t get anywhere if you don’t do pay attention! If you feel distracted, take 3 deep breaths and try again. I find looking right at the teacher while he/she is talking helps me to pay attention for longer period of time.? Next, take notes -it can be chicken scratch, it can be lengthy, it doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is that you are writing down?what you’re getting out of the class. Whether it’s?what?the teacher just said, or?an example a peer student just gave, write it down, it will help you remember later on when you are reflecting on the material.

Here comes the most important part of how to study the right way, FOCUS!!!?Seriously, when you sit down to learn those algebra equations, or that WWII info. You can’t absorb the material unless you have made the time to focus on studying and nothing?else.?Make sure you have a quiet place to?read and re-read your notes in, to repeat things out loud to help make it stick if you have to, to read and highlight that chapter in your book.?Again, if you lose focus you can still study?the right way by taking a break here and?there and regaining your focus. Take notes. Sometimes it may even be helpful to?make your own notes on?material you just read about in the school book.?And definitely take notes on what your teacher is blabbing about in the classroom. Any way you try to put your mind to making sure you got the information, will be effective because you are making the effort. (I highlight and take notes, to make sure I get it.) Good?Luck, and Enjoy 🙂

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