How To Set Up Photo Slideshow on iPhone

Setting up a photo slideshow on iPhone is a piece of cake – well it will be after you read our tip! The slideshow feature is yet another feature that enhances your whole iPhone experience. Start by going into the album you want to create a slideshow for, and tapping on any photo within the photo album. (If you need to know how to go into the album and choose a photo, please see our tip on how to photo tips on iPhone camera -part 1.

When you’ve chosen the picture you want, tap the middle bottom icon -it looks like an arrow facing to the right, this is known as the ‘Slideshow’ tab. In the first line, it has a ‘Transition’ option which allows you to set up the way you want your photo album to display it’s content. In other words, if you want it to go from one picture to the next in a slideshow format, by tapping the ‘Transition’ option it will give you 5 options of how to go from one photo to the next, whether it’s ‘dissolve’, ‘ripple’, ‘wipe down’, etc. Whichever option you choose by tapping on it, you will see a small arrow appear on the right hand side within the line of the option you’ve chosen. So, if you’ve chosen the ‘dissolve’ option, tap the dissolve line and a small check will appear on the right hand side within the dissolve line.

Next you will see an option for ‘Play music’. You can choose to either have music play while your slideshow is playing or you can choose to have no music -by tapping the button to ‘off’. If you do want music, tap the button to ‘on’, and a 3rd line will appear that says ‘music’. Note you can only have music if you have downloaded music from iTunes on your iPhone. If you have downloaded music through iTunes on your iPhone, by tapping the ‘Music’ button you will see a list appear of all the songs you’ve downloaded. Once you click a songit will list that song as the ‘Music’ selection and you can then click ‘Start Slideshow’.

If you did not want to select music skip the above paragraph and after you’ve chosen the ‘Transition’ you want for your photo album slideshow, click ‘Start Slideshow’. Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂

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