How To Set Up Bluetooth To Your iPhone Through Your Car

According to state law, as of July 2008, you must have a hands free device or bluetooth for talking on your cell phone while driving a car. Luckily technology has kept up with the times for automobiles that allow you to have a bluetooth come through your car radio. This tip will help you understand how simple and easy it is to set up a bluetooth to your iPhone through your car. First, you must be inside your car for the connection between your iPhone’s bluetooth and the car to occur. You can certainly turn on bluetooth mode on your iPhone while sitting in your living room, but it’s not going to connect unless you are actually inside the car. There is only a certain range that bluetooth can connect to an iPhone with and it wouldn’t make sense for you to have iPhone connected to bluetooth if you are sitting in the tub.

So once you are inside your car, start by tapping your settings app on your iPhone. Since you want to set up a bluetooth to your iPhone through your car, you are going to need the car turned on and the radio turned on. Once inside your settings app, click the tab that says General. You will then see another tab that says bluetooth. Since this is your first time doing this, and you are in the tip on how to set up a bluetooth to your iPhone through your car, the bluetooth option will automatically be on off. Click the bluettooth tab, and first switch it to on mode. You will seee another option to add a device. Device in this instance is referring to the actual car or motor vehicle. Now on your car radio (if you need to refer to your owner’s manual since all cars steps vary) please do so at this time so you know what button on the radio to push. Since there are many makes and models of cars out there nowadays, each car will have their own specific button on the car radio to push.

The button options are usually: select (meaning to select the phone device it is picking up (through airwaves and soundwaves), pair (because you can link more than one phone to your car -for example if you share the car with your husband and you have your iPhone linked to the car for bluetooth, so can he link his iPhone to the car’s bluetooth). Since you are setting up the bluetooth to your iPhone for the first time through your car, you will click select and the display on the car radio will offer a phone that it picks up. When you see your name ie. Sally’s iPhone or iPhone, choose the one that applies to you. It will start searching for the actual connection. You are essentially doing the car radio setting and the iPhone setting at the same time. So now if you look on your iPhone, you will see the Devices box, searching and it will say ‘now discoverable’. A little hourglass circle will go around until it connects and both the iPhone and the car will say connected.

If you click the little blue triangle on the device tab, you will see yet another small menu that asks you if you want to sync contacts, phone favorites, and phone recents. Make sure they are all switched to ON as the car will connect to your iPhone but if you have these off it will not be able to download your contacts. As long as you have these switched to on, once the connection is complete, the car will say downloading contacts -which is where it is picking up the contact list on your iPhone. This is how you will be able to verbally speak out loud into the car to dial a certain person or telephone number while driving hands free.

To turn off the bluetooth (especially since it wastes a ton of battery when you’re not driving in the car) simply go back to settings, general tab, bluetooth tab and click the off button. It will automatically stop searching for a connection. Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂

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