How To Set Location Settings For iPhone

The locations setting on your iPhone, plays a part in many different applications on your iPhone. For the most part is is interesting to see where you were at what time for certain things ie. where you were when you took a specific picture. This tip will easily help you navigate how to set location settings on your iPhone. Go to your ‘Settings’ icon on your iPhone’s homescreen. The 4th line down should say ‘Location Services’. Since you are going there for the first time, it should be set to off (unless you have chosen for the location to be on for each app that you have downloaded). If you were given the option when you downloaded an app to set location services and you clicked yes the app will be listed in your locations services.

Tap your finger on ‘Location Services’, so it goes from off to on (left to right). As it will state “Location services uses GPS along with crowd- sourced Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower locations to determine your approximate location.” When you’ve clicked the location services button to ‘on’, you will see a list of all the apps that you’ve downloaded with an option to turn it on or off for each app. You can have all of them set to ‘on’ or ‘off’ or you can have some on and some off.

If you scroll further down, underneath the list of apps, you will see a description of the types of location arrows (shaped similarly to this > ). The types of location arrows range from an app that is using your location currently, has used your location within the last 24 hours, and one that is using a ‘geofence’. (A ‘geofence’ is a vertual perimeter around a location. Certain apps like the ‘reminders app’ will use a ‘geofence’ which actually notifies you when you have arrived at, or are leaving a location.

You can only see these location services arrows if you tap on the ‘system services’ button on the way bottom of the screen, and then scroll down all the way to the bottom again, and click ‘status bar icon’ this will show the actual location services icon in the status bar of your iPhone when the services listed above are requesting your location. Scrolling back up to the list of 6 items, you will see on/off options for: ‘Cell Network Search’, ‘Compass Calibration’, ‘Diagnostics & Usage’, ‘Location -Based iAds’, ‘Setting Time Zone’, and ‘Traffic’. These are all very important in knowing your location so it is best to have them all set to the ‘on’ option. Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂

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