How To Set a Passcode Lock On Your iPhone

Are you tired of your little sister stealing your iPhone to play around with it when you’re not looking? Do you wonder if your girlfriend is going to find out about your other girlfriend? Well putting a passcode lock on your iPhone is exactly what you need. This app will also help you in other ways because if for some reason you lose your iPhone or it is stolen, the person who now has it will not be able to enjoy your iPhone. Even if they bring it to an Apple store to try to be opened, all iPhones have a unique identification number that is registered with Apple so eventually you will get your phone back, just a matter of time, and all the while your private information will have been protected from the thief.

It is very simple to set a passcode lock on your iPhone. Start by clicking on the iPhone “Settings” app. This app has a lot of duties to manage so don’t be overwhelmed when you first open it and see all the options. This tip on how to set a passcode lock on your iPhone is as simple as 1,2,3 and will get you straight there and back in no time. Once you are in the settings app on iPhone, look for a subsection called “General”. Once you click that, go to the 4th subsection, second option called “passcode lock”. If you are reading this app on how to set a passcode lock on your iPhone, then there will be about 6 options in the next screen starting with the one you need “turn passcode on”.

Once you click that, it will ask you to enter a 4 digit passcode (you don’t need to hit enter or anything it will automatically go to the next screen required). It is important to note that you should always choose a passcode that noone else will be able to guess. Don’t do your birthday or your parents, etc. Try something different like the year something you love was invented, or the year you moved into your house, or the time on the clock says while you’re setting the passcode lock. It will ask you to reenter the passcode you chose, and there you go it is set. (Notice there is an option to change passcode underneath in the second line, keep this in mind if you feel the need to change your passcode every so often.)

There are a few ways to get back out of this screen of the settings app on your iPhone, but before we move on let’s explore. Look on the screen, you will see an option to require the passcode immediately -this means as soon as you turn the phone on. If you click that time settings line when your particular phone should require the passcode to be entered, you will see there are options such as 1 minute, 5 minutes, 1 hour, etc. We recommend immediately because shorter times are more secure. Another feature in this section is all the way at the bottom where it says erase data and you can choose on or off. This option allows your iPhone to erase all of its data after 10 failed passcode attempts.

If you are done in the passcode section of the “Settings” app, simply hit the iPhone button, otherwise known as the home button and it will bring you to the iPhone homescreen. If you need to change some other settings on your iPhone simply click the blue tab on the top left where it says General, and then again same spot where it says settings, and you will be back in the main Settings screen. Good luck & Enjoy 🙂

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