How To Save Battery Life on Your iPhone

The iPhone battery life tends to run out fast, especially when you have more than one app open. Just because you are done with an application, doesn’t mean you have fully closed it out. It stays open in the background even though it is not open on your screen. First and foremost, we highly recommend turning off the bluetooth app because even if you are at work, school, or have been at home for the last 5 days if that setting is on, it is continuously looking for a connection behind the scenes and eating your battery life.
[Please see our tip on How To Set Up Bluetooth to Your iPhone for the settings on turning off the connection in order to save battery life on your iphone.]

So, let’s say you were exploring all the apps on your iPhone and you also checked your bank account, you made some calls, emailed a few people, went on the internet, etc. Then you thought you closed them all but they are still all open in the background. To start saving battery life on your iPhone, you can be on any of your iPhone screens, and you will need to double click the iPhone home button (the button on the bottom center of your iPhone). This is the background screen, and this will allow you to see all the apps that you have recently opened or have never closed. Place your finger to hover above on an icon (as if you were going to move it somewhere), until they start to wiggle and shake. You will notice that these icons are the only ones going to wiggle, you are in a different type of iPhone screen so you are not moving apps to a different location and you are NOT deleting the apps.

When these apps are wiggling, you will see a small red circle with a negative sign in the center -which means by clicking that little circle attached to the icon, it will NOT delete the app it will just close the app. Click the little red circle/negative sign on each of the apps in this iPhone background screen until you have closed all of the ones you are not using. This will help you to save battery life on your iPhone tremendously. Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂

Note: We have found an app that is very useful called Boost Magic – this shows you at what percent your battery life is at, as well as tells you how much talk time you have, how much internet time you have, and how much application use time you have.

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