How To Remove Photo Tags You’re In On Facebook

So you didn’t want anyone to see that picture of you where your friend dunked your face in a chocolate icecream cone, on Facebook huh? But your friend posted it anyway…tsk tsk. But it’s ok because once you’ve read our tip on how to remove tags you’re in on facebook, you will be all set and not have to worry about who sees your tagged photos. But first, there is something important to understand about tags. When someone tags you in a photo, and you remove the tag, it removes your profile page/your friends from viewing the tagged photo. However, it does not remove the photo from the person’s profile that originally tagged you and therefor their friends can still see that photo. The only way to have it removed from their page too is to ask them to delete it. (Or to report the photo -which is a different tip altogether – please see our tip on how to?report?tagged photos.)

Let’s get on with it shall we? Open your profile page and click under your profile picture where it says photos. Click on the photo or album that you want to remove your tag from. You can only remove one tag at a time. So click on the photo, and you’ll see the names of the that were tagged in the photo including yourself.?Place?your mouse on top of your name and click ‘untag’. Once you do this, the tagged photo of you is removed from your profile page. (If you want to retag yourself just click on tag photo and add your name.) You can also just click remove from page on the lower right side below the picture and it will not remove the tag but it will remove the picture from your profile page even though you’re still in it on your friend’s page.

Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂

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