How To Remove Nail Polish Carpet Stains

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So, you’re the one who was watching your soap opera painting your toenails with nail polish, and spilled it on your beige colored carpet!?First things first, do not panic!?Breathe, and just know?that you are not the only one who has spilled nail polish on their rug. Plenty people have done it and have been told many different ways how to remove nail polish carpet stains, but most of them don’t work. Whatever you do, do not use nail polish remover to get it out of the carpet. It will smear the nailpolish and make the stain worse. Even if someone tells you ‘non-acetone’ nail polisher is not as harsh and won’t ruin the carpet, it will spread the stain and become harder to get out.

So, first assess the situation. How big of a spill did you make? How much nail polish do you need to remove from your carpet before it stains? When cleaning up this type of spill and removing nail polish from your carpet, a little bit of cleaner will go a long way.?My two favorite products for removing?nail polish out of the carpet, two really?excellent products that I’ve tested are: Oxyclean (a line of products well known for being made out of natural ingredients), and Simple Green all purpose cleaner. These 2 products work wonders on carpet stains especially nailpolish! There are many other ‘ideas’ that people will give you such as hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, etc. but these will require a lot of scrubbing, watering the stain, blotting with papertowels. And I’m quite sure you don’t want to sit there for hourse cleaning up the mess.

So to remove your nail polish carpet stain, if you are using one of the two above mentioned products, simply spray the area til damp (not drenched) but enough to be able to soak up?the nailpolish, wait about five minutes, and start rubbing lightly with an old towel. Spray again and wait ten minutes, then blot up the cleaner and nailpolish with either a dry end of the towel yuo’ve been using or papertowels. (I don’t recommend rubbing with papertowels, because the texture tends to enhance the stain.)

Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂


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