How To Put A Picture Or Video On Your Facebook

Ok, to establish your presence on facebook, you need statuses, likes, and of course pictures. You need to upload photos fairly frequently to look like you’re busy, don’t you?! So how do you put a picture on your facebook? This is otherwise called uploading photos. In order to upload photos you need to first have downloaded pictures from your cellphone or digital camera onto your computer. Once those photos are saved as files on your computer you can use them to post photos on your facebook profile.

On your profile page there are a few places to get to the uploading photos section but the easiest one is to go right above your status bar where it says ‘Add photo/video’ . Click this and 3 options will appear. You want the first one that says upload photo/video. When you click this option, another small menu will pop up and you need to click on ‘browse’. This option will take you within your own computer’s folders. You must keep clicking to where you know you’ve saved your pictures on your computer. For example, you may have?a folder entitled ‘pictures’. Click that folder and scan for the photo you want to upload. You can only upload one photo at a time onto facebook so you will need to go through the process however many times you want to add a picture.

Once you have selected a photo, click open on your computer’s folder and it will start uploading onto your facebook profile. Then click post. Once you have attached a picture to your facebook, it will ask you to put a title on the photo, create an album, tag people, make as your profile, etc. The first thing you will need to do is ‘crop’ your picture. This is because the original photo might be too large for facebook to display. The quality of your photo may only be able to be shown in certain parts of the page. So by cropping the photo it may get smaller and if it does just click done cropping and post the photo.

If you chose the option to create an album, it will allow you to choose several pictures at a time from your saved ones on your computer but if you are entitling the album ‘wedding day’ and you chose random pictures then all those photos will end up in the wedding album.

If you choose the option that says ‘webcam’,?it is important to remember that your computer must be equipped with or be able to open with adobe flash player in order to through this option.?A lot of people?don’t have adobe flash player so they have difficulty?attaching?photos this way.

For Videos, it is the same concept, you?click the same options?as above and follow the same instructions but instead of choosing a photo you choose from your computer files where you’ve saved video files.??And you cannot create an album when uploading a video, it won’t allow you to.

Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂

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