How to Print Things Out With an Ipad

If you have an Apple Ipad and you use it a lot one of the things you at some point will want to do is print something out.? If you have the Apple Airplay and your printer is compatible with the Airplay this is a relatively straightforward and simple process to do (assuming you have used the Airplay and are comfortable with it).? What today’s tip will cover is how to print something out with your IPad when you do not have an Apple Airplay.

The first option you should consider is using the Airprint ability of your IPad.? The first step is to ensure that your printer is Airprint compatible.? Most newer printers are, but if you have an older printer you may be out of luck.? Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, and Lexmark all manufacture printers that are compatible with the IPad Airprint (not every model but a majority of the newer models).

You will need to be on the same Wifi network with your IPad that your printer is on.? Next, you either need an app or you can use the IPad Safari, Mail, and Photos to use the Airprint feature.? (there are plenty of apps that you can get through the App Store, both paid and free.? The paid apps usually offer more features.)

When you find the item you wish to print you should touch the icon which will display the print option on your screen.

Another option (if this first option does not work because you do not have an Airprint capable printer) is to use Printopia.? To do this you need to have a Mac computer and an IPad.? You can read all about Printopia on the official site which you can find here.? There is a $10 fee for Printopia so this is something to keep in mind.

One thing to remember is that even though your printer and your IPad have a USB port you cannot connect them together through a USB cable because the IPad’s operating system does not know how to communicate with your printer.


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