How To Photo Tips on iPhone Camera – Part 1

Who knew there was so many features and options for a camera that would make your life so easy? In addition to being a really great quality mobile phone, the iPhone has a killer camera! This tip is essential for those who need to know how to manage their photos with lots of Photos tips on iPhone Camera. But before we get started on how to Photos tips on iPhone Camera, you should know there are 2 ways to access your photos -each allowing you to have different options. We will start by discussing the actual ‘Photos’ icon on your iPhone so that you know how to appropriately manage your photos and then give some more insight onto the stored photos icon as mentioned in our tip on how to use your iPhone camera- the basics.

Start by tapping the ‘Photos’ icon on your iPhone homescreen. You will see your list of albums. For the sake of making sense in this tip, we will choose the auto-installed album in iPhone titled ‘Camera Roll’. Once you know the location of your picture (which album it is stored in) you can go to that particular album and follow the next few paragraphs. So, tap the Camera Roll album – it will highlight blue. At the bottom of the screen of pictures, it will say how many photos and how many videos – if applicable. For instance it can say 152 photos, 2 videos. Scroll up and down by swiping your finger along the screen to choose the picture you want to work with. Once you have found the photo you want,tap it and it will enlarge (removing all other iPhone options and just showing you the actual picture). You can get the iPhone options back by simply tapping the picture.

When you are inside the picture you’ve chosen, you will see 3 icons on the bottom of the screen and one on the top. For the sake of sparing you confusion, we will begin with the bottom 3 icons. If you tap the bottom right icon that looks like a square with an arrow inside of it, a list of options will appear. Please see below:

You will have the option to ‘Email Photo’ – by tapping this the iPhone automatically creates an email draft and all you have to do is plug in who you want to send it to from your contacts or a new person. Once you have selected a contact, it will give you the option to add a subject you can choose either yes or no, and then it will ask you to select the size of the photo in your email that you want. It will ask you to choose small, medium, large, or actual size. Once you’ve selected the size (we recommend actual size because it allows the receiver to pinch the screen or have more options), it will send the email.

The second choice on the list is ‘Message’- this is for when you want to text message a photo to someone. All you have to do is either type in the cell phone number you want to send it to or type in the name of the person (will automatically appear from your contacts list).

The third option on the list is ‘Assign To Contact’ – this is exactly what it sounds like. Once you click this option, your contact list will pop up. Select the contact you want to assign this picture to, move and scale the picture (fingers swipe across the screen or pinch) and then tap set photo. If for some reason you accidentally hit the wrong contact person, just hit cancel. It will bring you back to the photo and you must tap the little icon on the bottom right again (looks like an arrow inside a box) that will bring you back to the list, choose the ‘Assign to Contact’ option and select the correct contact person.

Next on the list, is the option to ‘Use As Wallpaper’ -Please see our tip for more information about How To Set Wallpaper on iPhone.

Next you will see the option to ‘Tweet’ the photo – Note this option will only work if you have an active Twitter account. As you will see by selecting this option, there will be a few lines that you can type in next to the photo- you will have 119 characters to post. It will also give you a choice to ‘Add Location’ to the Tweet and once you are done adding location and typing a brief status update, or description of the photo, just hit send. Remember the location will only work if you have it set on your iPhone settings. Please see our tip on Setting Locations on iPhone. As always there is a cancel button should you choose not to Tweet the photo.

Last on the list, is ‘Print’ – Now this is the trickiest option on the list because as you know most people have never heard of printing something out from their cell phone have they?! But the iPhone is in a special class all its own so it of course allows you to print from it! In order to do this, you need to set up your iPhone to an ‘Air Printer’. (Please see our tip on How To Set Up a Printer on iPhone for more information regarding this.) If you’ve already set up an Air Printer on your iPhone, tap the box that says select printer, it will pop up and again tap the correct printer. Then choose the amount of copies by tapping either the + sign for more copies or the – sign for less copies. And all that’s left is the Print button.

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