How to Perfectly Fold Shirts in Under 5 Seconds – Have to Watch this Video

If you are like me and do not enjoy folding because you are a perfectionist and you end up folding the same shirt multiple times until you get it perfect then you are going to love this video that I’m going to share with you.? At first when I watched the video I thought it looked like one of those late night made for TV infomercial products.? Then the next time I did laundry and I caught myself folding my husband’s shirt three times until it was perfect I watched the video again and bought it as a little splurge.? I am happy to report that this guy works like a charm and now all the shirts on our closet shelves as lined up perfectly.? I’m one of those 300+ five star reviews on the bottom.? I normally don’t leave a review unless I’m very happy or very unhappy with a product.? The video is below and you can find the MiracleFold here on If you have this share a comment below and let others know what you think of it.

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  1. Emily says:

    I actually got this as a gift from the husband and at first I was like “ummmm, no you didn’t get me a laundry thing as a present” but he kept telling me to use it and that it was cool and I have to admit I like seeing all the shirts folded neatly like when you walk into a clothing store at the mall. Makes me smile when I go into the closet 🙂

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