How To Not Catch A Cold

Today’s Tip: How to Not Catch A Cold

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Ever notice how some people no matter who they’re around, do not get sick? It’s because they know the tricks of?the trade when it comes to not catching a cold. You mean?you?don’t want to catch that dreadful looking cold your coworker brought into the office on Monday? I will help you with these tidbits on how to not catch a cold during the winter season. You may/ may not have gotten the flu shot and that’s ok,?it is not a mandatory?requirement in how to not catch a cold. You do however need to make sure you are dressed appropriately. For example, even though you have worked up a sweat and are extremely hot from that workout at the gym, do not chance going outside without your sweatshirt and/or scarf. Your chest needs to be warm to avoid?catching?a fever, and getting chills. It may not strike right away, it could take?up to 72 hours for the?symptoms to start showing. Dressing in layers is good, and wearing a scarf, hat, gloves. Some people wear longjohns or put long socks on?to cover their legs under their pants.

You also want to?make sure the material you’re wearing is warm enough, you can’t expect to be warm with a thin cotton or linen sweater can you?!?You need winter materials in your wardrobe such as fleece and flannel. But it takes more than just dressing warm to not catch a cold.?

Sleep is extremely important. When your body doesn’t get the amount of required sleep you need, your immune system can go lower. Your immune system is a fickle thing sometimes,?so it’s better to make sure you take all the proper precautions. If you are?already tired do not go out and stay out late. Your sleep debt will?reak havoc on your immune system.?But in addition to getting?the right amount of sleep, and dressing?warm, you need to make sure you’re taking the right supplements. Echinacea tea is a wonder when it?comes to colds, and it comes in the form of a supplemental pill as well? (supplement is another word for vitamin). Echinacea can be found in your over the counter?pharmacy next to the Vitamin C – another important?supplement to take.?And lastly, another supplemental vitamin to take is a multivitamin which encompasses a multitude of neccessities such as: calcium, vitamin d, and many other things. Other ways to not catch a cold are to make sure you are eating right, less intake of calories, makes your body work harder and you may not be getting the right amount of nutrients such as iron (lack of iron can make you feel more tired and exhausted).?

So basically, you want to make sure you are eating right, getting enough sleep, and dressing warm. You also want to make sure you are taking proper precautions such as taking supplements or vitamins to cover any possible deficiencies in order to not catch a cold. Stress is a major factor when it comes to avoiding a cold, so if you’re feeling overly stressed and have too much on your plate, but there is no way to remove any of these things during the present time, make sure you set aside time -even if it’s 15 minutes a day to breathe, and destress. Stress is a good friend of the immune system and when they play together you end up getting sick. If you start to feel like you’re getting sick,?drink lots of fluids such as orange juice (which holds a lot of vitamin C), and echinacea tea, eat plenty of foods, and take your supplements. Stay warm and if you can’t sleep at least rest, rest, rest and relax on the couch.
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