How To Move an App to a Different Location on Your iPhone

The iPhone – one of the greatest revolutionary inventions of the 20th century. There are so many tricks and fun things to do with it, each new finding makes a person smile with glee! But just as there are many tricks and things to discover, there are tips for learning how to do things with your iPhone. This tip will teach you how to rearrange the little icons on your iPhone homescreen, and easily move an app to a different location on your iPhone.

The first thing to know is that there are essentially 3 different locations you can move your iPhone application from one spot to another on the iPhone. First, you can move an app to a completely different location on your iPhone, you can also move an app into a box that contains more than 1 app in it (housing up to 12 apps in the box), or you can move the app onto a different screen altogether.
In order to move an app to a different location on your iPhone, (for example: if you want to move the clock app), you simply hold your finger down on the application until it wiggles. All the apps will ‘shake’ or ‘wiggle’ even if you are only choosing to move one app at the time. When they wiggle, you put your finger on the icons’ app and holding it down, drag it to the location you want it to move to. If you want to move the iPhone app to a box to condense and store more than one iPhone app in the box, simply drag the app to hover above the box you want and it will glide into the box.

And if you want to move the app not just to a different spot, but to a different screen altogether, you keep your finger on the iPhone app (still while wiggling) and drag it all the way to the far right -until the next available iPhone screen appears. It is important to remember the first screen or the primary iPhone home screen must have 12-13 apps on the page in order to be able to move it to the next iPhone page. If you already have icons on a second or third iPhone page, and you want ot move it back to the primary home screen, instead of holding the icon app down and dragging to the far right, simply drag to the far left.
No matter which location on your iPhone you are moving your app to, once you have dragged the app to the spot you want it to be in, push the iPhone button on the bottom center of the phone also known as the home button and all the wiggling stops. When moving apps on iPhone, you can move more than one app to a different location on your iPhone during a wiggle period, by dragging each one you want to move to it’s new location. Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂

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