How To Lose Weight Effectively

Today’s Tip: How To Lose Weight Effectively

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Have you tried all the diets, the calorie counting, the no fast food thing before -but the results are eh? Why you ask? Because it is not the best way to lose?weight?effectively. Diets fade and what really matters is eating right and jumpstarting a new way of living. I tried this routine out and it worked! I went from a size 11 to a size 5 within a matter of just 3 months. After that I focused on toning myself up. The first step is to be motivated! Really, you won’t get far if you are not truly motivated to make changes in your diet and life to lose weight effectively. This routine has been working for 8 years for me now, and truly does work!?

Start by changing your diet to high quantities of protein, such as poultry: chicken, turkey, etc. and fishes: salmon, tuna, etc. A bulk of my diet consists of these 2 categories and for good reason. (Protein, is essentially 16% of a person’s total?human body weight and?acts as a reinforcement to ensure all the cells in our body are strong and healthy (including the hormones, chemicals, enzymes, etc. which all contain protein). Another major reason for consuming high quantities of protein in your diet, is because it is somethimg that the human body recycles -burns easily and?fast. Hence the need to constantly replace it!?So if you don’t eat enough protein, your muscles can start to break down and cause the body to droop.) Other dietary intake to consume includes: vegetables, mostly leafy greens, such as spinach, broccoli, you can mix it up with carrots, and other veggies. But remember that handy daily food group triangle? Veggies are on there for a reason! They contain other essential nutrients such as iron, calcium, fiber to help your body digest and process things effectively. Other main foods to eat in order to lose weight effectively, are yogurt, cheese, (yes cheese it is not as bad as most people make it out to be), salad.

Cutting soda, junk food, bread, carbs out of your diet will help, but they won’t last. Because once you lose the weight you will feel good about yourself and start to eat all those old cravings. The trick is to incorporate those same foods in modesty -like once every two weeks allow yourself dessert, or potato chips, etc. That way your body is still used to having those things in the diet, but not to an overly abundant amount. Do you notice a trend here? These foods are all healthy – and yes with that comes the topic of portion control.

Only you know the correct portion because you know when you are full. A person’s stomach is the size of their fist, so ask yourself how much you’re overeating? The concept is that after a week or two you will start consuming smaller quantities of food because your stomach starts shrinking a little. Healthy foods work the inside. But with that comes added effort on your part. You can’t just expect to eat healthy and cut portions and expect to lose weight effectively. Sure you will see results pretty soon but not effective results. You need to also incorporate exercise. No excuses! If you cannot afford a gym, go outside and walk around your block. If you claim no time, get up 15 minutes earlier each day to make sure you can fit it in some walking. Walking is a VERY important part of losing weight effectively. It is all I did for exercise in those first 3 months.

But in order to lose weight effectively, you have to stick with it. Don’t give up because it’s been?2 months and you’re still the same pants size. What you’re aiming for here is not neccesarily to lose pounds (that will happen) but more importantly to lose inches around your waist, thighs, etc. Once you get yourself into a routine, try working on some other specified body parts like your arms or legs, or back. Again it is not important to do a specified routine as long as you can fit in walking at an elevated pace than to and from your mailbox, and you will see results. Excercise works the outside. So together eating right and in portion control works the inside and excercise works the outside hand in hand. (And yes you can splurge here and there with pizza, lasagna,?anything you like, but its all done with portion control, and exercise.?You will begin to know your limits after just a couple of weeks!)?

You can’t do one without the other in order to lose weight effectively. As a side note, you don’t neccesarily need to count calories to watch what you’re eating, you can try to eliminate extra fats by getting light dressing for your salad, or substituting olive oil for butter in certain recipes. Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂

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