How to Lose 10 Pounds in 1 Week – The General Motors (GM) Diet

There are plenty of reasons you might want to lose 10 pounds in one week.? Getting married, attending a reunion, going on vacation, meeting up with old friends…? who knows.? And many people try to stop eating completely and they find out it doesn’t work plus it is not healthy for you.? When you stop eating your body realizes you are not taking any calories in so it slows down your metabolism and you burn calories a lot slower, it is self preservation.? I’m going to tell you about a diet that I’ve used 5 times over the past 3 years and each time I have lost 10 pounds or more within a week.? The best part about this diet is that anyone can do it and you do not need to spend any money on ridiculous diet products or order hard to find items.? Everything in this diet can be found in your local grocery store and the best part of the diet is that it really does work, I am living proof 5 times over. Let me introduce you to the GM (General Motors) diet…

The story goes that in the mid 1980’s General Motors wanted their assembly line workers to lose some weight, because a leaner worker resulted in higher productivity.? They hired nutritionists to come up with a diet that would have people lose anywhere from 10 pounds to 16 pounds within one week.? And without any further delay, here is the diet (we’ll talk about what you can drink after the 7 day list):

Day 1 – Today you will eat fruits (except bananas).? As any fruits as you want.? As often as you want.? But you can eat nothing else besides fruits.? My personal favorites are melons, strawberries, blueberries, apples and oranges.

Day 2 – You will begin today with 1 baked potato in the morning.? For me I’d always be at work on a Day 2 so I would bring a raw potato to work, put it in the microwave for 7-8 minutes (make sure you stab the potato first a few times with a fork) and then take the potato to my desk, wait for it to cool down, and eat away.? You will appreciate the potato because after Day 1 your body wants some substance.? For the rest of Day 2 you will eat as many vegetables as you want, whenever you want.? You can steam them, you can boil them, you can eat them raw.? But no putting sauce or salt or anything else in there.? No more potatoes, just the one you had in the morning.? My favorites are carrots, broccoli, lettuce, corn, and celery.

Day 3 – Today you can eat as much as you want as often as you want of guess what…. fruits and vegetables.? No bananas and no potatoes.? So when you’re buying stuff for this diet make sure you buy everything for the first three days in one shot as I find that the easiest thing to do.

Day 4 – You will go bonkers for bananas today as you get to eat bananas and drink milk.? You can eat up to 8 bananas and you should drink 3 glasses of milk.? Skim milk is preferred but any milk is fine.? You can eat nothing else today besides the bananas.

Day 5 – Today you will dine like a king.? You get to eat 20 ounces of red meat and 6 tomatoes.? The 20 oz. of red meat can be steak, it can be ground beef that you turn into a hamburger, however you want to eat it.? But to be clear, you cannot put it on a bun and have ketchup with it.? No, no, no.? Just the 20 oz of beef and 6 tomatoes.? Today you should drink additional water because of the amount of tomatoes you are consuming.? What I like to do on this day is make myself burger sliders, I cook them on the grill and smoke them using flavored wood chips.? It gives them a nice flavor so I don’t really miss my ketchup and mustard and relish and cheese and bun that much.

Day 6 – On Day 6 you can eat as much beef and vegetables as you want.? Again, no salt, no bun, none of that funny business.? What you will find (or at least what I found all five times I’ve done this diet) is that you think Day 6 would be a pig out day.? Wrong.? By now your stomach will have shrunk a little and the amount of food it takes you to get full is much less than it would have been prior to when you began the diet.

Day 7 – Last day, you finally made it, you get semi rewarded today because you can drink fruit juice, and on the menu will be brown rice and vegetables.? As much as you want.? So sit back, kick off the shoes, and sip on some apple juice because you’ve earned it.

At the end of this week, if you adhered to the diet you will have lost at least 10 pounds.? Your pants will be much looser on you.? You will notice that you are less hungry in general.? You lose the cravings for snack food and junk food.? And because you lost the weight you feel great, you look great, and it really puts you in a positive mood to continue eating right and losing even more weight.

I didn’t forget, we need to talk about what you can drink.? Each day you should drink at least 10 cups of water.? Water is good for you, it also fills you up so you crave food less, and water weight is lost within 24 hours when you go to the restroom.? Besides water, you can also drink black coffee (no sugar and no cream), black tea, and club soda.? That’s it.? If you drink alcohol you will be ruining this diet.

That’s it folks, 7 days of the diet you just read will let you shed the weight.? Not if, but WHEN this diet works for you please stop back by and drop us a comment and tell us how much you lost.? And feel free to send a link to this article to your friends, I appreciate the additional viewership!? 🙂

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  1. Sue says:

    Did this diet with daughter and husband. We didn’t cheat. Husband lost 9, daughter lost 8, and I lost 7 pounds. Not bad!

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