How To Know If A Guy Likes You

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Soooooo, you’re totally hooked huh?! Is it that guy with the killer smile? The one with the beautiful eyes? The one who always knows exactly what to say to make you laugh? Either way you need help, because you need to know if that?guy likes you!?But how do you know if a guy likes you without having to ask him, besides the sweaty palms, nervous laughter and fidgeting signs, here are some well known signs to look for to give you a hint if he likes you!

The first thing to look for is eye contact. Does he pay attention when talking to you and look into your eyes? Does he look at you and then quickly look away?? Sometimes if you hold eye contact for a split second longer than you do with anyone else, it’s a sign he’s into you.?He may even do something funny in a group of?people and?quickly look at you to smile and see if you laughed too.?

Another way to know if a guy likes you is to listen to what he says when he’s talking to you. Guys have a tendency to start talking about themselves, to prove they are worthy enough for you (you may see this if you talk about other guys in his presence). If he likes you, as a matter of respect, you may notices that he rarely turns his back to you, often leaning towards you,?to talk.

?Does he find some reason to touch you? Like the bear hugs for little things like aceing the geometry quiz? Or if you’re sitting next to him in the meeting and his leg is touching yours, but he doesn’t move it? Those are hints of how to tell a guy likes you.

Without being overly analytical to the point of critiquing a guy, you can look for a million other things he may do to know if a guy likes you. I’ll give you a few more and then you get out there and start noticing! His actions are a sure way to know if he likes you. If his intentions are to be with you he will do things to get your attention, or do things you may not neccesarily like to see your reaction. For example, he may flirt with another girl just to see your reaction. It’s as if he feels confirmation of your feelings for him, when you get jealous.

If he shows interest in things that you like or do, i.e. listening to the cd of the alternative punk band you like. If he wants to make an impression on you and he gets nervous you will sense it. If he doesn’t pay attention to his friends when you’re around, he’s into you. Another aspect of this, is to watch his friends reactions when you’re around him. Do they laugh to eachother and look at him? Do they smile at you? Are they implying they know something that you don’t?

Teasing you, imitating you, following you, are all signs that this guy likes you. If he compliments you (some guys just don’t compliment in general it might not mean that they don’t like you), but if he does compliment you, it means he noticed you did something different, whether?it was a different hairstyle, different shoes,?or whatever. The fact that he noticed is all you need to know to know if a guy likes you!

Good Luck?& Enjoy 🙂

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