How to Kiss a Girl and Make Her Remember It (Infographic)

The most important thing at the beginning of getting to know someone is that first kiss.? A wonderful first kiss versus a horrible first kiss can make a world of difference.? In fact a lot of girls will tell you that after they had a really bad kiss they lost interest in the guy.? To make sure this doesn’t happen to you today’s tip is how to kiss a girl and make her remember it.? There’s 7 things that I recommend you do to really make that first kiss (and everyone kiss after) a special experience and if you follow these you will either be right at the top of her list of kisses (if not the top).? The problem that a lot of guys have is when they are in that moment they let instinct take over and they forget the different things they need to ensure they do.? This can lead to sloppy kisses, hard kisses, ackward kisses, and all of these will certainly not help your chances with the girl.

Let’s review the 7 things you need to do:

1.? Fresh breath – this is a given.? You do not want to eat garlic and then attempt to kiss her.? You also don’t want your breath to taste like hot garbage and make her gag.? Brush your teeth.? Bring a small toothbrush and toothpaste if you plan on eating out with her prior to the kissing time.? Have tic tacs or gum on hand.? Get that breath fresh!

2.? Soften your lips – nobody wants to kiss some cracked, hard, peeling lips.? They do not look appealing, they do not feel appealing, and you will make the kiss memorable for the wrong reasons if you don’t take care of your lips.? Bring some chapstick or one of those little vaseline tubs to be sure your lips are soft and ready to meet her lips.

3.? Smell nice – you want to be wearing cologne.? It will draw her in and it will make her linger.? You want something faint, definitely not overpowering.? Something where she has to be close to you to be able to enjoy the smell, this way it tempts her to stick around longer real close to you.? She doesn’t want to smell your sweat or your heavily coated deordorant.? Cologne is key to making the kissing session last more than a kiss or two.

4.? Gently hold her – she doesn’t want to feel like you are grabbing her or wrestling with her or being forceful so this is a very gentle/loose hold, usually around the hips, the small of the back, or shoulders.? You can try the back of the head but sometimes that will go well and sometimes it will backfire so be sure that you know she would enjoy that before holding the head.

5.? Very light tongue play – DO NOT start off with the tongue.? First you have to warm her up with some lip to lip kisses.? If she is receptive then after 10-15 seconds you can use your tongue a little.? Wait and see how she responds.? If she begins to use her tongue as well then proceed.? If she does not use any tongue then slow down on the tongue and continue lip to lip kisses for a while and try the tongue again.? You don’t want to really use the tongue much unless she is reciprocating and giving the signal that she is into it.

6.? Don’t suffocate her – this should go without saying but some guys will get over excited and begin to devour a girl’s mouth.? Bad move.? She needs to be able to breath so make sure you are shoving your entire tongue down her throat or you aren’t covering her entire mouth in some crazy kiss that looks like you’re attempting to swallow something whole.

7.? Look into her eyes – some people close their eyes when they kiss, but when the kiss is over and you begin to separate look her in the eyes.? Not a lot of guys do this so this will really resonate with her and put you up near the top of her list.

And that’s it fellas.? There’s nothing too crazy here, everything is straightforward, but putting it together in the heat of the moment needs some work so review the list, play it out in your head, make sure you’re not forgetting any of the steps and get out there and give her a kiss that she’ll remember forever!

How To Kiss Infographic

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