How To Keep A Healthy Relationship

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Let’s face it, not everybody has a perfect relationship, especially nowadays. With all the hustle and bustle of work, kids, chores, how can you make time for your partner when you don’t even have 5 minutes for yourself? It’s not neccesarily hard nor is it easy, it takes work just like everything else in the world but it’s well worth it! So how do you keep a healthy relationship? By starting with yourself.

The key is to maintain your own sense of self first so that you can welcome your partner into your thoughts, experiences, daily activities, etc. What this means is you need to make sure you are in touch with yourself before you can let someone else be themselves with you. So where do you start? By being open and honest.

Honesty and communication are what keeps a relationship healthy. By being honest with yourself about things that bother you, or things that you can’t take on because your’e overloaded with household chores, or how that comment about the weight you’ve gained recently hurt you. All these things play a part in one’s daily relationship. Think about it, if something bothers you how often do you express it verbally? Do you give the silent treatment? Do you get grouchy and want to be left alone? Those are signs that you are introverting your real feelings and you need to be honest about it. Even if it is something you?never admit bothers you and you always accept it, you need to finally speak up and be honest about how you’re feeling.

Communication is key to having a healthy relationship. Because if you don’t share what’s on your mind how do you expect them to? People can’t read minds and they shouldn’t have to, especially since people are prone to want to talk and be social -it’s human nature! Even if something is bothering you and you know it may start a small argument it is better to be honest and open about it rather than eat away at you. A healthy relationship requires 2 people to want to be there for the other person through good and bad but also discuss the good and the bad, don’t let things build up and snowball.

Another important component to having a healthy relationship, is making time for eachother. As hard as that may seem, it is absolutely essential to maintain the bond of togetherness. Even if it’s only 20 minutes to chit chat on your lunch break, or 10 minutes before you pass out at least you will still feel like you’re connected.

A healthy relationship requires maintenance just like anything else. Honesty and Communication are the glue that holds the relationship together!

Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂



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