How To Hide Photos On Facebook

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Do you have that song in your head? “I always feel like somebody’s watchin me” Do you have someone stalking your page to see what new pics you put up and who you were with and where and when? There are ways to hide your photos on Facebook so that you can be the only one who sees the post on your page or only have certain people view them. This is all according to your preference and of course who exactly you want to hide these photos from.

Please note this tip is for how to remove photos that you yourself have posted to your profile.?(If you’re looking how to remove tagged photos etc.?please see our tip on how to remove?or hide tagged photos on facebook.)

So in order to change your settings, you need to first go to your profile page. On the top right hand side, is a little upside down triangle, click that and a drop down menu will appear. Choose the one that says “Privacy Settings”. When you click that, Facebook will bring you to another page. In the middle of the page, it has 3 options: Public, Friends, or Custom. Depending on who you want to see your pictures, you choose one of these.

For example, the public option means anyone and everyone that searches for you or stumbles upon your page can view the pictures on your page. If you choose friends, that means only your friends that you’ve approved on Facebook can view them. And if you choose custom -a seperate menu will appear asking you to choose if you want ‘friends of friends’, ‘specific people or lists’, networks that you’re a part of, or ‘only me’. Now if you want only you to view these pictures then this is the option for you. (There will be an option on individual pictures to allow others to view it if you so choose.)

In this ‘custom’ option, you can also allow the pictures to be viewed by anyone on your facebook that you’re friends with to see them and choose a select few that you don’t want to see your photos (i.e. an ex-girlfriend). To do this, when you’ve clicked the custom option, and the smaller menu appears, click on the bottom where it says ‘hide this from’ and a box below it says ‘these people or this list’ and simply type in the person’s name. You can always change your option later on. Let’s say you choose to hide photos from a certain friend or two, but a month goes by and you decide they are worthy of seeing your photos, simply go back to this menu, change it from custom to friends.

**This tip is a walk through of how to hide photos on facebook from a PC/Laptop not a smart phone or mobile device

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