How To Get Clear Skin

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Today’s Tip: How To?Get Clear Skin

Have you ever seen those women with the clear skin, not a blemish on their face and no pimples, no zits, nothing but a radiant glow on flawless skin? Well now you too will know the secrets on how to get clear skin.?(For those of you who suffer from acne or other skin issues, please make sure you seek advice from a medical dr.) The most important part of this regimen is that you stick with it. It may take a few days or a couple of weeks to kick in, but I promise you the results are worth it.

First step is to start eating healthy: fruits, vegetables, lean diet of high proteins, indulge here and there but have a mainly healthy diet. Second, WATER is key! Soda and fruit juice are not friends to your skin (nor your body as they pack on pounds slowly and silently). Nearly 2/3 of our bodies are made up of water! But aside from eating right, what most people don’t know is the importance of washing your face on a daily basis. Ideally you should try to wash your face once in the morning and once in the evening, but if you can only do it once that should suffice. Make sure you wash your face with a cleanser to remove all the oil and grease and makeup and dirt. You’d be surprised how many toxins hit your skin from the air, sun, etc.

A cleanser, would be face wash, mask, toner, etc. Anything that yes washes makeup off but also just cleans your pores from the grime of the day. Next, another key component?of how to get?clear skin and maintaining it -is using face cream. There are many creams out there and different creams work for different people. If you’re unsure about which one will work, try experimenting or researching reviews. I recommend a face cream for daytime and a night cream. **Another important part in the daily ritual of how to get clear skin is to make sure you utilize under the eye cream. IT DOES WORK! The problem is most people want to see results right away like in a day or two, but things take time to kick in and get into a routine. So be patient, keep it up, and await the results. Keep your eyes open and you will see results, Good Luck and Enjoy 🙂

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