How To Give Yourself A Pedicure

Today’s Tip: How To Give Yourself A Pedicure

So you don’t have the money to get a pedicure this week? But you want your toes to look oh so pretty. Well have no fear we can teach you how to give yourself a pedicure that will?certainly fool anyone into believing you gave yourself a pedicure.?It can be a little tricky to keep a smooth pedicure since you have to bend over and do your toes by yourself but trust yourself you can do it!

You need to have a few?tools?in order to ?give yourself a pedicure, including the color of nailpolish you want to use, the clear coat nailpolish for before and after applying to the nail, a nailfile, a nail buffer, cuticle tweezers, (a nailclipper if necessary)?toe seperators, flip flops and something to put on the surface under your?toes in case of a spill. There are some additional things you could use such as: cuticle oil, hand lotion, a nailpolish pen (for doing designs such as French manicure, polka dots, etc.). But we will stick to the basics for how to give yourself a pedicure!

So to start, you want to wash your feet, dry them completely, and begin by getting?your toenails down to the length you want them to be (you can first start with a nailclipper if they are long and you want them short) by using a nailfile. Most people don’t cut their toenails too short (especially in the summertime) for aesthetic purposes so choose the length that makes your more comfortable.?After you get?your toenails?down to the length you want, work the nailfile it will also help you to shape your toenails.

Angle the nailfile into the position against the nail to either shape it round, square, or oval. When you are done shaping and getting the nails down to the length you want, take your nailbuffer and start rubbing against your nails. Your nails should turn a white color, but it is ok, it is making the nail have even texture and smoothing it out. After that, take your cuticle tweezers to get rid of any excess skin. You may not have any, but in case you do have any loose hanging pieces of skin simply remove them. This is the start of having your toenails looked very clean and pristine!

Next, you want to put on some cuticle cream or cuticle oil and massage it into your cuticles. Then when it’s dry,?put some handcream on your toes and feet, it enhances your foots’ natural beauty, dry feet crack and?aren’t pretty!?Dry each nail with a papertowel so there’s no lotion or water on the nailbed.

**At this stage put on some flipflips and the little toe seperators so that your toes don’t smudge. Put on a clear coat of nailpolish for each nail. By the time you have finished doing your 10th toenail, your first foot will be almost dry with the clear coat. Now it’s time for the color! Going slowly, sweep the nailpolish brush onto each nail careful not to miss any spots, but paying close attention as to the quality of your polishing. The trick for giving yourself a great pedicure is patience! If you go too fast you will mess up with bumpy polish, layers of polish, and it will go all over the place. If you are careful and go slow, and possibly get a little dab of nailpolish on your toe, a qtip with some nailpolish remover will ever so carefully remove it. After applying the colored nailpolish to your toenails, (more than 2 coats of colored nailpolish looks very caked and is highly unrecommended) put on a clear coat of nailpolish on top of the colored nailpolish.

For those who want to get a little savvy with their nailpolish, after applying the colored nailpolish you can take a nailpolish pen and give yourself polka dots, stripes, or a design and then apply a clear coat. Or at the edge of your nail you can draw a line (of a contrasting color) for a French manicure look. The possibilities are endless! There are also nail stickers for those who want to look a little artistic.

**If you’re not wearing toe seperators and flip flops make sure you keep your feet still?for about a half an hour to dry otherwise they will smudge! If you don’t have the time to sit still for half an hour, try using Sally’s quick dry -red bottle found in CVS about $7.00 -it works wonders! Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂

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