How To Get Spotify to Work After IOS 8 Update

After you update your iPhone or iPad to a version of IOS 8.0 or newer you may find that your Spotify app does not work.? You will click on the Spotify app, it will open, but then it will minimize and you will not be able to get into the program or play any music.? Some people have tried what they considered everything and have gone as far as to cancel their Spotify membership.? But I have discovered how to get past this error so let’s get to it.

Updating to the latest version of IOS can wreak havoc on some of your apps as it did with my Spotify app which caused a lot of frustation until I finally got it resolved.

– The first thing you should try is going into “Settings” and then to “General”.

– Next, look for “Language & Region”.? In here, your region should be set to wherever you are.? I am in the United States so it is set to United States.? Go and change this to a new region.? Click “back” and then go back into “Language & Region” and set the region back to where you are (so for me, I’d set it back to United States).

– Now go and completely power off your iPhone/iPod (where you hold the power button for a few seconds so it completely shuts off).

– Wait a minute and then turn your iPhone / iPod back on.? Go and click on your Spotify app.? If it works then BAM!? Your problem is solved.? But it still may not work.? If this is the case then you need to delete your Spotify app.? This takes 5 seconds.

– After you delete the Spotify app go back into the App Store and download the Spotify app and install it.? You will need to reenter your username and password.? And now Spotify will work for you again.

I have no idea why an IOS 8.0+ update would impact your ability to use Spotify but there is some sort of conflict that is occuring in many people’s iPods and iPhones.? The steps here will fix that for you and get you back to listening to your music.? Enjoy the fix!

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