How to Get Rid of Facebook Ads

Anyone who uses Facebook will admit that the onslaught of advertisements that appear in the right sidebar can be annoying. Sometimes it seems like they are entirely irrelevant to anything that you are interested in. The truth is that the advertisements are what help keep Facebook a free website. Additionally, it is one of the leading forms of advertising for businesses who want to reach consumers in a specific area.

The advertisements that are shown to you are not the same that are shown to your friends. There are dozens of different factors that help determine which advertisements are best for you and your interests. For example, if you recently used your web browser search engine to find baby products such as clothes, diapers or toys, then you advertisements will showcase stores or businesses that meet these requirements. Your web browsing history plays one of the biggest roles in determining your advertisements. Additionally, advertisements that are considered probably interesting to you may be shown. These are a part of side street marketing in which a company makes a general conclusion based on your Facebook data to determine what you might be interested in. If many of your friends also target their searches to baby stuff and like pages for owning a small business or golf courses, Facebook determines that you are like your friends and will show you advertisements about golf courses or owning a small business.

You cannot fully get rid of advertisements on Facebook. You can click the X in the top right corner of the advertisement and have that specific ad removed from your view, but a new advertisement will appear. Businesses and vendors use advertisements to target specific groups such as anyone living in a specific state or region who is also within a set age group. Even things as simple as your relationship status will affect which advertisements you see on your profile page.

Advertisements also serve to drive users to the fan page of a business, organization or individual. Once businesses have achieved a high number of followers, they can set advertisements for other products or services that they offer which are targeted to just the followers of a certain page. Facebook advertisements are on a pay per click price scale which is determined by the criteria a person uses to tailor the advertisements. The average price is $0.50 to $2.50 per click but can be substantially lower (a fraction of a penny per click) for advertisers who are targeting their specific audience as part of a fan page.

Anyone can utilize Facebook advertisements to generate website traffic or fan page traffic. For business owners that are focused on internet marketing, this is an especially helpful tool because it creates an affordable customizable advertising option which is proven to be more effective than other forms of advertising such as on the radio or television. The only way which Facebook advertisements will disappear from your profile page is if the company begins to charge for users to utilize the website.

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