How to Fix Your Mitsubishi DLP TV with White Dots

If you have a Mitsubishi DLP TV and it has started to get white dots you are going to need to get it fixed and here’s how you do it.? First off, the white dots will only get worse.? It starts with one and over time more and more will come.? You will eventually be driven mad because it impacts the picture quality significantly.? The problem is the DLP chpi inside the TV.? After a certain number of hours that the TV is left on the pixels will begin to lose their ability to work and the result is the white dots.? There is no set number of hours, but obviously the longer you leave the TV on the faster this will happen.? People who watch 2-3 hours of television a day say that they get about 5 years out of the TV before the white dots appear.? There are two ways you can fix this problem.

Mitsubishi_DLP_ChipThe first way is you can purchase the chip yourself and replace it.? The chip costs around $175-$185 on (see here).? You’ll get the chip in 2 days and you’ll need to swap it out with the old chip.? And then the TV should be good to go.

The second option is to call Mitsubishi’s customer support line at 1.800.332.2119.? You will need to speak to a customer service rep.? They will ask you your name, address, phone number, email, when and where you bought your TV.? They will then offer to have the chip sent out to one of their authorized TV repair centers for free, BUT you will need to pay the repair center to install the chip in your TV.? This installation fee is $200 and there may be taxes or driving time fees on top of that (ask the repair center beforehand).? It takes 5-7 business days for the chip to arrive at the repair center and then they call you to set up the installation day and time.

Option 1 is quicker, cheaper, and you won’t need to give Mitsubishi all your personal info so those are all pluses, but if you are not good with a screwdriver and spending half an hour of your time to do the chip swap then this option is not for you.

Option 2 is much more convenient for only a small additional cost, but the time factor can come into play.? If the Superbowl is coming up or if friends are coming over this is not an option that can be done in a few days,? it will take 2-3 weeks from start to finish.

But either option in the end will be successful in helping you eliminate those white dots on your Mitsubishi DLP TV and get you back to watching your favorite shows without annoying little dots.

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