How to Fix the IPad IOS Network and Wi-fi Connection Issue

If you have an IPad tablet than chances are you have encountered at one time or another some network or wi-fi connection issues.? Don’t worry, many people have these issues, let’s talk about how to fix them:


Sometimes when you use a Wi-Fi on your iPhone or iPad, you may encounter the following problems:

Unable to locate or join a Wi-Fi nearby.

The power of Wi-Fi signal is low or weak.

No connection to the Wi-Fi, but you cannot access the Internet.

In this article you will find essential techniques and tips for troubleshooting Wi-Fi on your IOS device. For information on enabling or configuring a Wi-Fi, see the User Manual of your product.


Many problems with Wi-Fi can be solved using these techniques:

Essential Techniques Troubleshooting

Tap Settings> Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi off and then re-activate it.

See if you are within range of your router or Wi-Fi base station.

Make sure the Wi-Fi router and cable modem / ADSL are plugged in and turned on.

Check if other devices (eg laptops) can connect to the Wi-Fi and access the Internet properly.

Upgrade the Wi-Fi router with the latest firmware.

For information about AirPort base stations, see this article about firmware updates. In the case of Wi-Fi routers from third parties, visit the manufacturer’s website for details on upgrading your firmware version.

Restart the device IOS.

Hold down the button on / off until “Off”. Move the slider to turn off the device. Once off, press the on / off to turn it back on.

If you continue to experience a Wi-Fi problem after trying the previous step, check the symptoms below and select the most similar to your problem:

If you cannot locate or join a nearby Wi-Fi network

After joining a Wi-Fi network, notes that the signal strength is weak or intermittent:

If you cannot access the Internet while connected to a Wi-Fi

Additional information

If you use a Wi-Fi router at home, consult the manual or user documentation for additional help when using some of these suggestions.

Check the manufacturer’s website to see if firmware or software updates available for your Wi-Fi router.

Check the wireless security option Wi-Fi router:

If you use WEP and WEP key number in your Wi-Fi router, try to configure it to use a single key in the WEP key index 1.

Consider the option of using WPA or WPA2 instead. Protocols WPA and WPA2 are newer security options for wireless networks and effective than the old WEP.

Disable wireless encryption or security of Wi-Fi router temporarily to rule out problems with encryption.

Disable the setting 40 MHz 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi router. Macs and the iPhone, iPhone and iPad are not supported in this mode. Disabling may reduce the problems of interference.

The Wi-Fi compatible with iPhone, iPhone and iPad vary by product model (example: Is my device compatible with 802.11n?). See Specifications page for details on standards that is compatible with your device.

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