How to Fix “Dreamweaver cannot determine the remote servers date and time”

Do you use Dreamweaver and are receiving an error when trying to connect to your server that says “Dreamweaver cannot determine the remote servers date and time”?? You are not alone.? Many people who own websites use Dreamweaver to help create, edit, and maintain their websites.? Dreamweaver is a tool that allows people who are not experienced coders to create webpages visually.? Now let’s get to this problem that a lot of Dreamweaver users are currently experiencing.

The problem of not being able to determine the remote servers date and time has become a common problem for many Dreamweaver users.? What causes this problem?? It could be the result of a number of different issues.? If Dreamweaver was working properly and now you are receiving this error message have you recently:

Changed the date/time setting on your computer?

Changed the server you website is located on?

Changed your internet service plan?

Regardless of why you currently have the remote server time and date error it can be easily fixed.? There are a lot of websites that give incorrect information or just waste your time on how to fix this issue but let me tell you the proper way to fix this issue.? What you need to do to fix this error is:

1.? Open your Dreamweaver program.

2.? On the toolbar go to “Site” and then go to “Edit Site”.

3.? A popup will appear, now select the site that you are having trouble connecting to.

4.? Next, hit the “Edit” button that you see on the popup.

5.? A new popup will appear.? Click on the “Advanced” tab.

6.? Under the Categories heading select “Remote Info”.

7.? You will see a checkbox next to “Use Passive FTP”.? Check that checkbox.

8.? Now save the setting and close out of the popup box.

9.? Try now to connect to your server… and smile… your problem has been fixed.

If this troubleshooting tip helped save you time, aggrevation, and pulling your hair out then you are welcome.? If you really want to thank us, you could post a link to this article to help other people and we would thank you!

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