How to Feed and Take Care of a Beta Fish

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Do?you own or plan on owning a beta fish? The chinese fighting fish? Then you should know the proper way to take care of the beta fish in order to let it live as long as possible.? The average beta fish is said to only live one year, though with proper care you can have a beta fish that lives for anywhere from 2 to 4 years.? But the key to having your beta live this long is proper care so let’s discuss the best ways to take care of and feed your beta fish.

First, beta fish do not like being in direct sunlight yet they do like being warm.? So you do not want to place your beta fish on a windowsill as they will not like that at all.? Discomfort in a beta fish can lead to high stress which could lead to an early death.? Even though the beta fish will not enjoy sunlight it does enjoy being warm.? Anywhere from 60 degrees to 80 degrees is a good temperature to keep your beta fish in.? Make sure that you do not put your beta fish tank near a door or window with a draft.

One of the most important things in beta fish care is how much and how often to feed your beta fish.? My recommendation is to feed your beta fish once every other day.? When you feed your beta fish put just a pinch of flakes or if you use pellets put about 5-6 pellets in the water.? Beta fish are not not very large and they do not have very large stomachs so you would not give a beta fish as much food as you would a goldfish.? All the excess food will eventually fall to the bottom of the tank and beta fish usually will not eat off the bottom of a tank like a goldfish would.? So that extra food will cause the water to get dirty quicker than normal.

When you notice the water is dirty you should change the water and it is important to buy an “aquarium stress relief” dropper fluid to put into the water each time you change the water.? You should put the beta (with his old water) into a cup while you are changing the water.? Once the new water is in the tank you should add the stress relief fluid and then let the tank sit there for 2-3 hours to let the water temperature in the tank get to room temperature.? You do not want to have the beta going from the cup that is at room temperature into his tank if the tank’s water temperature is significantly different.

Finally, if you get one beta fish eventually you may want?or consider getting?a second one.? While beta fish cannot be placed together in the same tank (they will fight each other to the death) you can place them in two separate tanks and put those tanks next to each other.? The beta will enjoy having a companion, and you will see that they get fiesty and their tails will flare up as they stare at each other.

?Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂

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