How To Enter Events Into iPhone Calendar

One of the most important features of the iPhone for keeping ones self organized, is the savvy calendar app. The calendar on iPhone is unique in that it allows you to add multiple calendars and connect them, it allows you to view and seperate your events via date, list, month, day, etc. This tip will teach you how to enter events into your iPhone calendar so that you to can be organized.

Start by tapping the Calendar app on your iPhone. You will see a picture of the month you are currently in and a bright blue box for the date it is. Before we get started on adding events and connecting calendars it would be helpful to point out some key functions that the calendar has. First, where it says the month we are in ie. June 2012, you will see a black triangle arrow pointing to the left and another one to the right. Those arrows will bring you to either past months (left arrow) or future months (right arrow). Another thing to note is the bottom mini icons stating month, day, list. If you toggle (tap a different icon) to the day tab by tapping it, you will see your iPhone calendar screen shift from the month view, to the actual date you are in. Essentially this is that particular date’s agenda. And if you toggle again and tap the list tab it will have a list of specified dates with events listed. Since you are starting from scratch the list screen will be blank and say no events.

As mentioned above, you can link different calendars, whether it is your regular iPhone calendar, your Facebook calendar, or other internet calendars that are used frequently. For example if it was the Facebook calendar that you wanted to add, you will have the option on your Facebook account to add it. But for the sake of keeping things simple for the iPhone calendar, we will only explain how to use the actual iPhone calendar and enter events into your iPhone calendar for now.

So if you want to start by entering an event on the actual date you are in -for example today is June 19, so if I clicked the calendar app on my iPhone the blue box will appear on the box that says 19. Or if it is for a different day let’s say you want to create an event on June 27th, tap the box that says 27 and it will turn blue. Whichever date you want to enter an event to, it has to be blue to start. Once the date you want is blue, there is a small + sign on the right hand side on the top. Click the + sign. Once doing that a mini menu will appear asking you for a title of the event (ie. Jenny’s 8th birthday party) next line is location (ie. uncle Henry’s house). Note you don’t have to be so specified it is your calendar and you can put whatever you want for description.

Next, is a starting and ending date/time. Tap that box, and you will see the option for putting in the day/dates, the starting and ending time, or the option for ALL DAY – in which you just glide your finger from the left to the right – from off to on. When you are done in the start/end box on the top right hand side tap done. If you enter a specific day/s and time (or you have the option to create it for a week long by choosing the starting and ending date/time) and you need to change the date or move the event, simply tap the same box and change the time and date/s. You can do this on the same day that you created it or on a different day down the road.

Then you will see an option for repeat, let’s say you were entering an event into your iPhone calendar for a work meeting that you have every Thursday morning. This is where this feature comes into handy because you can have it repeat the event you’ve entered every day, every week, every month, etc. Whichever option you’ve chosen whether it is every month or never, you will see a little check mark appear in the line you’ve chosen. Once you have chosen your repeated option, again click the done box on the top right hand side of the screen. It will bring you back to the event menu where you will see the next option for Alert.

The alert option is another word for reminder option. A little bit of reminding can go a long way especially if you’re a busy person! Again you will see many options for this feature whether it is 1 day before, 1 hour before, 5 minutes before, etc. Choose the one you want, again a little check will appear on the line you’ve chosen. When you’re done choosing the event alert, click the done box on the top right hand side and it will bring you back to the event menu where you will see the next option for URL.

A URL will only be inserted if you are getting an event from somewhere like Evite, or Facebook, or even an email with a link to the invite you are entering the event to. If you have a URL you can either have copy/pasted it from where you got it from, or you can type it in manually by clicking the box and the virutal keyboard screen appears. Again after entering click the done box on the top right hand side.

When you are entering an event into your iPhone calendar, it is up to you on how much information you put to help remind yourself. And this is done by entering more information into the notes box on the event menu, underneath the URL box. Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂

Note: If you have entered an event into your iPhone calendar that you need to delete, please see our tip on how to delete an event on your iPhone Calendar.

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