How To Download an App on Your iPhone

Apps are what makes the world go round nowadays right? At least that’s the way it is in iPhone world. Apps, quite possibly the greatest distraction for those who get bored at the flip of a switch. And how many people used to get so bored of their cell phones, always upgrading and trading their phones in for the latest and greatest? But as we all know once the iPhone came out nothing has been the same in cell phone land. This tip is to tell you how to download an app on your iPhone. And once you download your first app, it will never stop. You’ll see how addicting it is!

When you first get your iPhone, there are already 12 preset apps on the phone. This is including the calendar, the settings app, the contacts app, etc. By the way if you don’t already know, an app is a little box on your iPhone’s screen we can call it an iPhone desktop for convenience. So one of the apps that your iPhone comes with is none other than the App Store. This one app houses millions of apps for your to download onto your iPhone just by tapping the button with your finger you are automatically directed to the app store.

A few things to know before you jump in and start downloading. One, there are a few small icons on the bottom of the screen of the app store icon. There is a featured icon, which tells you what the newest apps are, what people at the apple headquarters recommend, based on the most popular and upcoming trends for iPhone apps. There is categories icon which will allow you to easily navigate for the type of app you are looking for whether it is for a game, book, news, etc. There is also an icon titled Top 25, which yes using common sense shows you the top 25 most popular apps for iPhone users, a search icon which is what you will eventually end up using most, and an update icon. (See below for update icon info.)

To download an app on your iPhone, find the app you want, tap it with your finger, and you will see either the price of the app in a small blue box or the word free in the small blue box. Click the blue box, and the box will then turn lime green saying install app. Tap it again, and mini menu box will appear asking your to put your Apple Itunes password. Once you have put in your password, the iPhone will automatically start downloading the app onto your iPhone. If you have changed your mind after reading the reviews on that particular app just hit cancel when the mini menu box appears, or click one of the icons on the bottom ie. search.

When you click an app and it gives you a description of the application, using your finger push the screen in an upwards direction to continue reading. You will eventually get to an area that has screen shots of how the app will look when you are using it, and there will be a small tab for customer reviews. We highly recommend reading the reviews before downloading an app if you are not familiar with said iPhone app. Please see below for 2 important notes regarding this tip on how to download an app on your iPhone. Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂

**The update icon will almost always have a small button with a number inside of it for how many apps of yours need to be updated. If you need to update your apps, click the update app icon and it will ask you to sign in once you sign in and hit enter the iPhone will automatically update the app updates.

And if for some reason you downloaded an app and you want to delete it, please see our tip on how to delete an app on your iPhone.

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