How To Delete and Unfriend Someone on Facebook

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Today’s Tip: How To Delete/Unfriend Someone on Facebook

So, you know that annoying ‘friend’ that just won’t stop posting things all over your wall? Commenting on all of your pictures and every single one of your status updates? Or how bout the guy who’s stalking your page and checking out every single person you talk to? Want to get rid of them but don’t know how? Don’t worry, we have many Facebook tips to help you out!

Scenario 1: When you want to unfriend someone on facebook and you are on a computer whether you are friends with them or not friends with them?simply go to that person’s page, and scroll to the bottom of their profile where it says “unfriend” on the bottom left, click this and they are not your friend anymore.

Scenario 2: When you want to delete a friend on facebook (same concept as unfriending someone) and you are on your computer, on the left hand side on your profile page, is a section with your friends. Click the little blue line that says “friends 143” or however many friends you’ve got on there, this will bring up a new page with all of the people you are friends with on facebook. You an either select a person or type in their name. When they come up, there will be a big white space to the right of their name, put your mouse over the little blue x and click it and it will give you the option to delete this person. This officially deletes them from your friends list and they are no longer able to view anything on your profile * assuming you have your settings set up properly* – see Facebook Tips Section to do this appropriately.

Scenario 3: When you want to unfriend someone from facebook and you’re on your phone. This option comes in handy especially when the mobile version has different features and not as many options as a regular pc or laptop would offer (i.e. applications). You need to go to their profile page and scroll to the bottom of their page, and click unfriend. Your mobile device will ask to confirm your decision, and just click yes.

There is no option to delete?someone from your facebook while on your?cell phone.

These option will help you remove someone from your facebook. Good Luck & Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Donna Hazelton says:

    If I unfriend someone, are they notified? Is it posted anywhere that I unfriended them? I just want to clear out and simplify my page, not hurt anyone’s feelings or make them mad at me.

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